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Corun House

by Aaron Nowack

"Loyalty can only bought in like coin."

A Brief History of Corun House

Generally, it is stated that the only Great House descended from the old nobility is Hallonica House. This is not quite true, as Corun House was the ruling family of Corunglain when it was first founded, and remained so for some time, as a nominally independent city from the Kingdom of Darokin up till the sixth century AC. The "Free City" of Corunglain and the Kingdom of Darokin were closely allied, and had a unified military command. As such, when Corunglain was besieged by orcs during the Elvenwar, Darokin was forced to send forces to aid the city. Through the heroism of Theon Corun, the city held out long enough for forces from Darokin to break open a route to flee the city and briefly end the siege.

However, Darokin was not willing to reclaim or rebuild the city after it finally fell in 523 AC. Theon waged a brilliant political war, forcing Corwyn XIII to liberate the fallen city. When the city was rebuilt, however, it was rebuilt as the fifth Duchy of Darokin. The Free City was no more. To further spite Theon, it was not a Corun that was appointed as Duke, it was an Attleson.

The Coruns eventually turned to business as a way to survive, though they were forced to base their operations out of Ardelphia rather than Corunglain (an attempt by the new Duke to rename the city Corwyn failed miserably). Eventually, the Coruns were once again powerful enough to return operations to Corunglain, and after the death of Santhral II, the Coruns seized control of the city in a relatively bloodless coup.

However, the Coruns swiftly established themselves as one of the most ruthless and ambitious merchant dynasties in Darokin. It is generally believed that the bloody civil wars that caused the break-up of the Kingdom can be laid directly at Corun House's door. Indeed, the final war before the Great Merger was between the Darokin-Amsorak alliance and a Corunglain-Malpheggi alliance.

Corun House was one of the strongest opponents of the merger, and after Charles's death, caused the crisis that forced Lydia Mauntea's bloody takeover. Unfortunately for them, Corun House was hard hit by the takeover, with the entire family dying in a fire at their mansion outside of Corunglain. At first, it seemed as though the House would dissolve, but an obscure branch of the family was uncovered, and Vardon Kalimi became head of Corun House.

Vardon was far less ruthless than his predecessors, and managed to keep the high popularity in Corunglain the Coruns had always enjoyed, but also gaining enough popularity nation-wide to be elected Chancellor in 949 AC.

His widow, Nathalie Kalimi, now runs the family.

Corun House Assets

Corun House practically owns Corunglain outright, and also maintains extensive offices in Darokin City. Corun House's main trading takes place in Glantri and Ethengar. Unlike most other foreign trading Houses, Corun House manages its own domestic trade. Corun House has a large merchant river fleet, though only has one ship suitable for ocean trading, and that ship is only capable of coastal travel.

Corun House Relations

Al-Azrad: Neutral. Neither House has any real relations with the other.

Franich: Neutral verging on friendly. Their slight friendship is not based on political of economic reasons, but is due to a personal friendship between Nathalie Kalimi and Arturo Franich. Rumours that those two guilder's relationship goes beyond mere friendship are denied by both Houses.

Hallonica: Neutral. There are no major ties or enmities between these two Houses.

Linton: Neutral verging on hostile. As an ally of Mauntea and for manipulated Linton after Charles Mauntea's death, Corun House has earned Linton's enmity.

Mauntea: Friendly. The Kalimi's were good friends of the Mauntea's before being called to take charge of Corun House, and that relationship continues.

Pennydown: Friendly. Both Houses are allies of Mauntea. In addition, Elissa Pennydown has been trying to become gain the friendship of Nathalie Kalimi, an effort which has only recently begun to succeed.

Toney House: Neutral. No political relations exist between Corun and Toney.

Umbarth: Hostile. These two Houses are competing for the Ethengarian and Glantrian markets. Corun is also trying to edge into the very profitable Alfheim trade.

Corun House Personalities

Nathalie Kalimi (4th level Aristocrat, LG) At age 68, Nathalie Kalimi is the head of Corun House. She has never been a pretty woman, and age has not improved her looks. However, she has a sheer force of personality that often overwhelms new acquaintances. She is tall, with grey hair and blue eyes. She dotes on her son, and is considered by many too soft-hearted to be involved in Darokinian business and politics.

Aldon Kalimi (4th/2nd level Fighter/Aristocrat, CG) Nathalie's son, Aldon is the heir to Corun House. He is tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He could have claimed leadership of the House after Vardon's death, but chose not to, as he was not interested in the responsibility. He still dreads this responsibility, and is not looking forward to when he will have to takeover the House.

Because of this, and of his inexperience as a merchant, certain elements of Corun House are displeased over the concept of his succeeding Nathalie, and are subtly pressuring the Guildmistress to appoint a new heir.

Mithras Lorenson (5th/4th level Wizard/Aristocrat, LG) Mithras is the choice for heir for many of those who oppose Aldon's succession. He is a high-ranking member of the House, and is actually distantly related to the old Corun family. He is highly competent and scrupulously fair and just in all his business dealings. The only problem is of course, that Aldon is the rightful heir.

Mithras himself is ambivalent about contesting the succession. He honestly believes that he would be a vastly superior leader, but has no desire to advance himself at the cost of his morals. As such, he half-heartedly accepts the adulation of his supporters, while hoping that Aldon, who he personally likes, will abdicate when the time comes.