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Church of Traladara Hierarchy

by Damon Brown

I've intentionally kept the organisation of the CoT fairly loose as I see the church as being somewhat de-centralised and informal (except in some areas in the south). As far as ranks, I only use Priest and Patriarch. Any cleric of at least 3rd level is given the title of Priest whether or not he presides over an actual temple. In fact, IMC, the CoT doesn't have a lot of temples - most of the religion relies on travelling Priests. As far as Patriarch/Matriarch status, I based things somewhat on Francesco Defferari's History of Traladara. Each of the original power centres of the 12 founding clans maintains a traditional rank of Patriarch or Matriarch (called by its original Traladaran name where it differs from Thyatian): Vatresh (Threshold), Vaion (Penhaligon), Mirros (Specularum), Mevu (Marilenev), Dmitrov, Sulescu, Luln, Halag* (Ruhmhof ie Fort Doom), Rugalov, Vetu (Rugalov Keep), Krakatos*, Lav*. Of course, several have special circumstances surrounding them: the Patriarch of Halag is basically in hiding as Baron von Hendriks tolerates no CoT presence; the Patriarch and Matriarch of Krakatos & Lav are basically ceremonial titles, and currently both reside in Specularum. BTW, Nikelnevich is considered the Patriarch of Mirros since the title is traditionally bestowed upon the Patriarch of Traladara.

OK, so I looked over my site and it looks like the church heraldry stuff is somewhat intact, so anyone interested can check it out then clicking on the Heraldry link from the left menu, followed by clicking on Karameikos, then Churches.

For those not interested in checking that out, here's the additional (non-canon) names & titles I came up with:

Patriarch Vasili Basilevsky, Vatresh (Threshold)
Patriarch Halav Dachev, Vetu (Rugalov Keep)
Patriarch Jozsef Kazmarek, Lavv
Patriarch Pavel Kosov, Mevu (Marilenev)
Patriarch Vladimir Marushka, Vaion (Penhaligon)
Patriarch Dobromir Petrescu, Halag (Ruhmhof)
Matriarch Tatjana Popova, Luln
Matriarch Tamara Romanov, Rugalov
Patriarch Zoltan Shtolin, Dmitrov
Patriarch Dmitri Sulescu, Sulescu
Matriarch Roza Torenescu, Krakatos

I haven't actually fleshed any of them out very much, but I have a few ideas for some aspects of several of them. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. I may not incorporate them into my campaign but others might!