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by Geoff Gander

I'm putting up a link to a rough map of Daelbar (c. AC 840, before everything fell apart) that I'm working on, mainly because I can't think of any other place to put it right now, and because it is relevant to the discussion here. More details for my work on Corunglain will come from this.


The ruins and other details are for the AC 1000 era; I superimposed the borders to show where the kingdom would have been in AC 840. All of those ruins would be intact at that time (except The Pillar, which was a ruin 160 years ago, as well).

Some quick crib notes for the map (to be expanded later - comments welcome):

Arvengel: An occasional stop for traffic following the road back when Daelbar existed. Pretty much the same today. Most people farm, fish, fell trees, or hunt.

Ceolfed’s Wood: Once the private reserve of the Daelbaran kings.

Corenhed: A quiet village of farmers and woodsmen, who also poached. It was burned down as punishment, and rebuilt after the kingdom’s fall. The people here now hunt legally in the forest.

Fellcross: Named after battle, long ago, when an ambitious king supposedly crossed this spot with his army, and they were all massacred by a well-entrenched orcish army. The “Fell Crossing” became “Fellcross”. Most get by on fishing or farming, but some moonlight as highwaymen.

Hareltarm: A mining village that survived the fall of the kingdom. The caves nearby will hold something interesting, or dangerous (possibly both).

Harnelsfall: Originally a fortress called Westwall, it was renamed after the ill-fated King Harnel rolled the military dice, and lost. Something nasty is here.

The Lodge: Formerly the private retreat of the kings of Daelbar. Its original name (Dormond Hall) is now largely forgotten. The descendants of former pets may roam here.

Marchtower: Built by a Daelbaran king to watch over the Streel Marches. Intact, but rarely used now.

Mintarm: The capital of Daelbar

Otharos: Conquered from Rondeth after a scuffle around AC 800, the entire valley was disputed territory. The villagers were restive, and are still fiercely independent now.

Rennwood: The old forest that lent its name to Rennalen, and now Rennydale. “Renn” would probably be an old word for “forest”, or “grove”, but with a primal connotation. The forest is very old (probably should put one or two deep forest hexes here), and there are Things living here that don’t like intruders. The people of Rennydale believe that Rennalen was destroyed in part because its people cut down many of the trees.