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Darokinian Mottoes

by Aaron Nowack

Each of the Great Houses has a motto which expresses some philosophy the House embraces. These are:

Al-Azrad: Gold has an eternal truth of its own.
Corun: Power is our sword and shield.
Franich: He who has the gold doesn't make the rules. The gold makes the rules.
Hallonica: Justice can only be bought with blood.
Linton: It is better to reap than to sow.
Mauntea: Power corrupts. Never again.
Pennydown: Do not look to the throne, look to the shadows behind it.
Toney: When the mighty bestride the world like a colossus, they do not see the small ones.
Umbarth: Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent... except when it works.

As well, a student of Darokinian politics would do well to study the works "Lies", a treatise on the Great Merger by Charles Mauntea, and "Small Truths", also by Charles Mauntea, which was written on his deathbed, but only recently published. [ Parts of the below are adapted from Way of the Scorpion, by John Wick.]

Some excerpts from "Small Truths":

Enemies you make are enemies you keep.

Be more afraid of an army of sheep lead by a wolf than an army of wolves lead by a sheep.

Everyone lies. Even me.

Politics is not a game. That doesn't mean you can't win.

Know where your friends are. Always.

If you cannot defeat your enemy, make him impotent.

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

Procrastination is the pastime of fools.

The successful do not share the secrets of success. This includes me.

Always be ready to wait.

The priests say, "Forgive and forget." Why? So you can fool me again?

Need to defeat a Corun? Give him another to fight.

Need to defeat a Linton? Have him fight you.

Need to defeat a Hallonica? Leave him be.

Need to defeat a Franich? Make him take a risk. (This comment is believed to have been added in between the book's writing and its publication, as Franich House did not exist as of Charles' death.)

Do not listen to what your enemy says.

Friends you lose are enemies you make.

Never trust anyone. Not even me.

Loyalty is a fine virtue in servants, not leaders.

Need to defeat an Umbarth? Tell him you know his plan.

Need to defeat an Al-Azrad? Take him to a social event.

Need to defeat a Toney? Call him large.

Need to defeat a Mauntea? Be his friend.

The truth is the best lie.

Only fools listen to fools.

Only the wise know who is a fool.

Never add insult to injury. The injury is a better insult than any you could devise.

Good advice is hard to find. Don't look for it here.