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DAROKIN (Republic of)

Location: West and north of the Five Shires.

Area: 68,964 sq. mi. (178,617 sq. km.), not including Orcland, which is only nominally under control of the republic.

Population: 1,259,000 humans, plus a scattering of elves, dwarves, and halflings.

Languages: Thyatian (Darokinian dialect), but many other languages are represented among the populace.

Coinage: Daro (gp), half-daro (ep), tendrid (sp), passim (cp). For transactions involving large amounts of money (larger than 500 daros), a CLOC (Certified Letter of Credit) is used.

Taxes: 5% of annual income (8% for incomes over 100,000 daros), collected annually on Thaumont 1. Every 5 years, a net worth tax is assessed; anyone whose income has increased since the last assessment must pay 5% of the gain in taxes. There is also a 3% sales tax.

Government Type: Republic plutocracy; it is a republic as leaders are voted in, but only the wealthy can apply for positions of power, therefore Darokin is also a plutocracy.

Industries: Agriculture, fishing, mercantile ability, and diplomacy.

Important Figures: Corwyn Mauntea (Chancellor, human, male, T6).

Flora and Fauna: Herds of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and buffaloes. The various mountains around the nation are home to mountain lions and bears. Malpheggi Swamp is known for its crocodiles and giant lizards, as well as being the refuge for roving gangs of bandits and goblinoids.

The southern part of Darokin is mostly covered with oak forests, while to the north, evergreens dominate. Around the nation of Aengmor, blight oaks can be encountered within the borders of Darokin.

The northeastern section of Darokin is known as Orcland and is completely dominated by bands of goblinoids.

Further Reading: GAZ 11 The Republic of Darokin, previous almanacs.

Description by Omar-ibn-Chukri.

The Heartland territory of Selenica is, in many ways, like an independent city-state. Its distance from the other major centres of Darokinian commerce has tended to isolate it, and the city and its surroundings have become very self-sufficient as a result. Yet its very location and importance to trade in Darokin have meant that, at times past, officials in Darokin City have sometimes had to take steps to insure that the Selenican spirit of free trade are reigned in. It works both ways, however, as Selenican officials have long held immense sway in the goings-on of Darokin's politics.

The Land

Selenica is situated in the grassy plains that lay at the feet of the Altan Tepes mountain range. Its location is ideal, as it sits right near the sole pass to parts east and north-Ylaruam, Rockhome, the Northern Reaches-and parts south-Karameikos and Thyatis. Virtually all commerce from those regions passes through the city of Selenica and other communities within the Heartland region. There is ample logging in the nearby woods, and the mountains and hills provide several sources of mineral wealth.

The People

The people of Selenica think of themselves as Selenican first, Darokinian second. The population is quite a mixed breed: humans and dwarves dominate, though elves are not an uncommon sight. Of the human races living there, they are mostly of Thyatian or Traladaran stock, with a large minority of Ylari, such as myself. The region has always attracted Ylari peoples from the east, but ever since the incorporation of the Al-Azrad merchant house a little over 160 years ago, the percentage of Ylari has continued to grow.

Unfortunately, this mixture of ethnicities can prove volatile. The recent civil unrest in the emirates has driven a wedge between many in Selenica-both between Ylari and non-Ylari as well as between True Believers and heretics of Ylari heritage. This discord, compounded by the rising problems with the Selenican trade, may prove troublesome. It is only a matter of time before something drastic happens [this observation is solely the author's, and the Mystaran Almanac does not endorse this view, nor does it hold itself liable for any incidents that may occur as a result of its printing. Ed.].

Recent History

Since the expulsion of foreigners from the emirates two years ago, the economy of Selenica has been severely damaged. There are no longer any clear routes available to transport goods to and from the Northern Reaches regions, not to mention the losses of the Ylari and Rockhome markets [Rockhome became largely isolationist following their leaving the Western Defence League in 1014. Ed.]. It remains to be seen how severely these effects will be over the long run. Nevertheless, their immediate results are astounding-many merchants have gone from gold to silver class (and lower) as a result. Al-Azrad House is in danger of slipping from its position as seventh largest in Darokin.

Some good news may be on the horizon, however. With the civil unrest in Rockhome quelled (though war with the humanoids is still going on), and renewed feelings of affability between the dwarven nation and Darokin, there has been talk of opening up the mountain pass north of Ft. Hobart for trade (also known as the Darokin Tunnel).