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Darokin (Republic of)

Location: Central region of southeastern Brun, along the banks of the lower Streel River and Lake Amsorak, south of the Broken Lands, north of the Cruth Mountains, east of Sind and west of the Altan Tepes Mountains. OW

Area: 68,964 sq. mi. (178,615 sq. km.), not including Orcland which is now considered a sovereign nation.

Population: 1,331,200 (95% human, 2% elven, 2% hin, 1% dwarven and other), including Darokin City (capital, 58,500), Akesoli (18,300), Akorros (24,000), Athenos (15,700), Corunglain (32,400), Selenica (41,800).

Languages: Thyatian (Darokinian dialect), many other languages also present, including Elvish and Lalor.

Coinage: Daro (gp), half-daro (ep), tendrid (sp), passim (cp). For transactions involving large amounts of money (larger than 500 daros), a CLOC (Certified Letter of Credit) is used.

Taxes: 5% of annual income (8% for incomes over 100,000 daros), collected annually on Thaumont 1. Every 5 years, a net worth tax is assessed; anyone whose income has increased since the last assessment must pay 5% of the gain in taxes. There is also a 3% sales tax.

Government Type: Plutocratic republic governed by a mercantile elite. Member of the Western Defence League.

Industries: Agriculture (very high yield), fishing, trade (mostly overland), finance, craft industry (mills along the Streel and other rivers), timber, some mining in the Cruth Mountains, and diplomacy.

Important Figures: Corwyn Mauntea (Chancellor), Corwyn Linton (Master of House Linton), Bertram Hallonica (Master of House Hallonica), Natalie Kalimi (Mistress of House Corun), Elissa Pennydown (Mistress of House Pennydown), Greenleaf Vickers (Master of House Umbarth), Eshram al-Azrad (Master of House al-Azrad), Arturo Franich (Master of House Franich), Mendel Callister (Master of House Toney).

Flora and Fauna: Herds of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and buffaloes. The various mountains around the nation are home to mountain lions and bears. Malpheggi Swamp is known for its crocodiles and giant lizards, as well as being the refuge for roving gangs of bandits and goblinoids. The southern part of Darokin is mostly covered with oak forests, while to the north, evergreens dominate. Around the nation of Aengmor, blight oaks can be encountered within the borders of Darokin. The northeastern section of Darokin is known as Orcland and is completely dominated by bands of goblinoids.

Further Reading: GAZ11 The Republic of Darokin, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: Wizards of Darokin worked to reorganise their guild, in an effort to keep up with similar efforts in Karameikos and elsewhere. At the same time, the infamous thief Shadow succeeded in stealing jewellery in public from Mauntea House, and the ensuing search for Shadow caused political disturbances as rival houses heavily criticised Mauntea House's policies. Darokin scored some successes on the international field, by improving its trading ties with Glantri and Thyatis, and by establishing some contact with the reclusive wizard of Honor Island in Ierendi.