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Lost Cities of Darokin

by Geoff Gander

As I mentioned on the Malpheggi Mapping thread, here is a list of "lost" cities of Darokin (incomplete), with some added thoughts:

- Comaelle (major town/city in old Eraeda, founded before BC 400, lost)

- Orbandas (capital of Irum, founded c. AC 250-350, abandoned, now a dead city)

- Tolann (capital of Callair, founded c. AC 400, destroyed)

- Dirnath (capital of Dirnath, founded before AC 0 in old Eraeda, destroyed)

- Tethrun (capital of Nethlinn, founded c. AC 300-400 (could have been built on older settlement), razed)

- Callenaal (place where Darokin and Irum fought in AC 793 could date from Molharran, likely destroyed)

- Crowlerd (capital of Rondeth, founded c. AC 200-300, destroyed and rebuilt - so technically not quite lost)

- Mintarm (capital of Daelbar, founded c. AC 300-400, destroyed)

- Rennalen (village in Daelbar, near Rennydale, which could take its name from the old place - ruins)

- Londredos (capital of Sashenta, founded c. AC 400-500, may still exist as village/small town)