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Darokinian Names

by Geoff Gander

Ok, my thoughts on Molharraner, Eraedan, and other names….

Eraedan Names:

Eraedans, being the root stock of Darokinians, would have had names very familiar to modern Darokinians. Looking at the old leaders’ names (canon and my own), we have the following:

Men: Ansel, Aden, Ansaril, Arandel (abbreviated to “Randel”), Arundel (often abbreviated to “Rundel”), Ceolfed, Santhral, Ioric, Korlim (possibly an older form of Corwyn), Corinn, Conwyn, Haldmun, Haralan, Haranel, Iolan, Lorennal, Orrendol, Tohm

Women: Adena, Corina, Halda, Hara, Jaenelle, Iolanna, Iora, Lowetha, Lydia, Sanda, Tohma

Molharraner Names:

Molharraners come from the same stock as Eraedans, with some admixtures from the various groups they met on their migration west. One notable change is that the “th” sound was more common in the Molharraner dialects, and this is reflected in many place names (e.g., “Elstarath”) and names. Generally speaking, the inhabitants of Nethlinn, Irum, the Elstrich area, and western Almarand had some Molharraner ancestry, and their names reflect this.

Men: Aron, Arthor, Corinn, Harathan, Indol, Kareth (very common name around Elstrich, even today), Maragil, Oroban, Rindall (variation of “Arundel”), Tohm, Tybalt, Rithen, Rudgard, Thandol, Yalgar

Women: Ara, Artha, Corina, Hetha, Kara, Katha, Martha, Rindala, Ruda, Santha, Thebasa, Vetha

Meruvari Names:

Meruvari names were very similar to Molharraner names, but reflected the influence of the Doulakki of Athenos. Although Meruvar did not exist long as a nation, the culture remained distinct for centuries, and thanks to lingering prejudices the Meruvari continue to exist as a distinct sub-group.

Men: Aegeos, Alexandros, Aronos, Aristonos, Artolos, Coros, Darius, Margeles, Maros, Rothos, Tobaltos, Tomes, Zenos

Women : Adaea, Arina, Cora, Daria, Lydia, Lystra, Mara, Medea, Myra, Saba, Tomesa, Zenobia