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Consideration of Darokin Population with respect to Birthright Provinces

by The Dark

Some notes, working from the Poor Wizard's Almanac (AC 1010) and Joshuan's Almanac (AC 1013):

In AC 1010, the population of Darokin is listed as 1,250,000. Taking all of the province values and estimating population using province rating squared times one thousand, the population including Malpheggi and the Orclands is 333,000. Just for the urban provinces:
Akesoli should be larger (4 or 5). The city's population is 17000 (AC 1010) or 18000 (AC 1013), so just the city is a 4 without counting the rest of the province.
Akorros should be larger (5 or 6). The city's population is 23000, so it's right on the edge of a 5 by itself.
Corun's Glen should probably be larger (6, maybe 7). Corunglain has a population of 31000 or 32000, which puts it at 5.7 by itself, and only 4 or 5 thousand short of being a 6 by itself. Its population is only 3000 less than Darokin City.
Darokin City is probably OK as a 7. The city proper has a population of 34000 or 35000 and there are likely other populations in the same political area.
Selenica should be a 7. It's bigger than Darokin City, with a population of 39000 or 40000 in the city proper, which is a strong 6 ignoring the rest of the province.
Changing all the cities to the largest value I suggest increases the population to 400,000, so there's still about 850,000 people to fit into the provinces. If I start with the maximized cities and then add 2 to every province rating (so Amsorak is a 2, Darokin City is a 9, etc), I get 1,053,000 for the population, which is still short roughly 200,000.

Darokin is huge and potentially powerful compared to its neighbors, but in my eyes a combination of factionalism and their emphasis on diplomacy over military strength would keep them from militarily dominating the area (and their military is pretty terrible in AC 1010).

I didn't go through and count all the holdings, but in AC 1013 the trading houses were ranked in the following order by size: