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The Kings of Darokin

by Aaron Nowack

The Eastwind Dynasty (22-87 AC)
22-34 AC Ansel I Darokin, the Eastwind (slain in an orcish raid, his death caused a crisis of leadership among the humans)
34-36 AC Charles I Ansimont, the Black (usurper, slain by Ansel II)
36-38 AC Ansel II Darokin, the Valiant (son of Ansel I, murdered by a supporter of Charles)
38-42 AC Natana I Darokin, the Widow (wife, regent for son until his coming of age)
42-87 AC Anos I Darokin, the Old (son, first King to die a natural death)
87 AC Aden I Darokin, the Foolish (son, slain by orcs near Fort Nell)

The Time of Three Kings (87-102 AC)
During this period, their were three lines claiming kingship:

The Darokin Line
87-91 AC Aden II Darokin, the Unprepared (cousin of Aden I, slain by soldiers of the Ansimont Line)
91-102 AC Natana II Darokin, the Priestess (daughter, abdicated in favour of Corwyn I)

The Ansimont Line
87-95 AC Charles II Ansimont, the Bold (usurper, slain in a duel with Natana II)
95-102 AC Zendrolion I Ansimont, the Timid (son, abdicated in favour of Corwyn I)

The Attleson Line
87-89 AC Anders I Attleson, the Inventor (usurper, died in battle with orcs)
89-102 AC Corwyn I Attleson, the Elf-friend (son, proclaimed King of a united Darokin)

With that began:

The Attleson Dynasty (102-723 AC)
102-122 AC Corwyn I Attleson, the Elf-friend (proclaimed King, died of natural causes)
122-169 AC Corwyn II Attleson, the Stormrider (son, died of natural causes)
169-188 AC Mithras I Attleson, Son of Storms (son, died in a hunting accident)
188-203 AC Corwyn III Attleson, the Intrepid (cousin, died of natural causes)
203-207 AC Emilia I Attleson, the Beautiful (daughter, abdicated in favour of husband)
207-248 AC Corwyn IV Darokin, the Historian (husband, died of natural causes)
248-292 AC Anos II Darokin, the Spoiled (son, died of natural causes)
292-303 AC Mithras II Darokin, the Builder (son, poisoned by wife)
303 AC Amanda I Darokin, the Black Widow (wife, abdicated due to controversy over poisoning)
303-367 AC Corwyn V Attleson, the Righteous (distant relative of Emilia I, died of natural causes)
367-384 AC Corwyn VI Attleson, the Wizard (son, died in a "laboratory accident", to use Glantrian terminology)
384-396 AC Mithras III Attleson, the Suspicious (brother, died of natural causes)
386-400 AC Corwyn VII Attleson, the Sickly (son, died of natural causes)
400-412 AC Corwyn VIII Attleson, the Friendly (cousin, assassinated by a Traladaran)
412-415 AC Corwyn IX Attleson, the Warrior (son, slain in battle with Traladarans)
415-422 AC Corwyn X Attleson, the Regal (son, slain by orcish marauders)
422-423 AC Corwyn XI Attleson, the Archmage (cousin, abdicated in favour of Corwyn XII)
424-467 AC Corwyn XII Attleson, the Trader (son, died of natural causes)
467-480 AC Mithras IV Attleson, the Warbringer (son, slain by an elven archer)
480-503 AC Mithras V Attleson, the Burner of Forests (son, slain by elves)
503-534 AC Corwyn XIII Ansimont, the Peacemaker (distant cousin, died of natural causes)
534-567 AC Charles III Ansimont, the Anxious (son, died of natural causes)
567-598 AC Anders I Ansimont, the Conqueror (son, died of natural causes)
598-632 AC Ansel III Ansimont, the Soldier (son, died in battle with orcish marauders)
632-648 AC Emilia II Ansimont, the Weaver (sister, abdicated in favour of husband due to sickness)
648-657 AC Aden III Ansimont, the Vampire (husband, fled when discovered as a nosferatu, may potentially survive to this day)
657-689 AC Ansel IV Attleson, the Incompetent (cousin, died of natural causes)
689-712 AC Santhral I Attleson, the Gardener (son, died of natural causes)
712-723 AC Santhral II Attleson, the Last King (son ,died of natural causes with no heir)

And for completeness, the next rulers of a united Darokin:

The Chancellors of Darokin (927 AC- present)
927-932 AC Charles Mauntea (elected, died of natural causes)
932-949 AC Lydia Mauntea (wife, died of natural causes)
949-971 AC Vardon Kalimi (elected, resigned due to old age, later died a natural death)
971-975 AC Corwyn Hoff (elected, died under suspicious circumstances)
975-988 AC Rypien Hallonica (elected, died of natural causes)
988 AC- the present Corwyn Mauntea (elected, still living)