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Timeline for DDA1 and 2

by Andrew Theisen

I've compiled a list of events and dates from the adventures Arena of Thyatis and Legions of Thyatis, both by John Nephew. Some interesting tidbits to flesh out Thyatian history in here. For simplification, I'll just use 1 and 2 for reference (indicating the module I got the derived information from):

1000 AC: Presumed date of events of DDA1 and DDA2.
998: Thincol Chrystatarius is born. (1)
996: Olivia Chrystatarius is born. (1)
995: Maximitus Chrystatarius marries Justinica. (1)
Phaedra Daphnorakenzes returns to Thyatis City, becoming the spiritual advisor to the Osteropolus household. (2)
993: Maximitus Chrystatarius' first wife dies. (1)
990: Flavia, a street urchin, is born in Thyatis City. (1)
985: Jasmine, a Ylari girl, is born. She will later become the slave of Fabia Osteropolus. (1)
Baralidu Nuar is elected Senator of the Pearl Islands. (2)
984: Angelica Chrystatarius is born. (1)
983: Phaedra Daphnorakenzes leaves the monastery of Vanya, to preach her teachings as a wandering itinerant. (2)
982: Helenites Osteropolus' father dies; his son inherits his wealth. He finances the building of an amphitheater in the family estate. (1)
980: Angelarian Canolocarius is elected Senator of Thyatis City. (2)
c.980: Helenites takes a trip to Alphatia; he brings back a pair of magical earrings as a gift to his wife, Fabia. (1)
978: Galatio Kelophorios is born. (1)
Pulcher Osteropolus is born. (1)
Asterian Chrystatarius is born. (1)
976: Justinica, future second wife of Maximitus Chrystatarius, is born. (1)
975: Mustafa the Rat is born in Tel Akbir. (1)
Angelarian Canolocarius has by now amassed quite a fortune through bribes and kickbacks. (2)
972: Elemaledai is born in Alphatia. (1)
971: Angelarian Canolocarius is elected into ministerial office. (2)
c.970: Helenites' father retires; Helenites is elected to the Senate in his place. (1)
The gladiator Rurtifus enters the caverns beneath the coliseum as part of his initiation; he is inflicted with wererat lycanthropy and eventually returns to the caverns to live away from humanity. (1)
969: Theodoric Dematravarius, a wealthy son of a family with ties to the senate, is born. (2)
961: Friedrich Lagmann is born into slavery. (1)
955: Fabia ?, future wife of Helenites Osteropolus, is born. (1)
c. 952: Maximitus Chrystatarius, future lanista of Domus Chrystatarius, is born. (1)
950: Angelarian Canolocarius is born. (2)
Phaedra Daphnorakenzes is born in the Kerendan countryside. (2)
947: Helenites Osteropolus is born. (1)
901: Flavian Osteropolus (grandson of Eusebius and grandfater of Helenites) builds a chapel to the honor of Vanya, and praise her for his successes while campaigning for Emperor Gabrionus IV in Traladara. (1)
c.900: Domus Chrystatarius is build by the great-grandparents of Maximitus Chrystatarius. (1)
843: Eusebius Osteroplous demolishes the buildings surrounding the family villa and erects a great garden to connect the villa and baths. (1)
842: Eusebius Osteropolus purchases the public baths from the Imperial treasury, incorporating them into the family estate. (1)
744: Work is completed on the public baths located outside of the Osteropolus villa. (1)
712 - 839: The Osteropolus family gradually acquires the lands surrounding their villa. (1)
606: Gabrian, founder of the Osteropolus line, builds his family villa in Thyatis City. (1)
c. 100 BC: Catacombs are dug beneath the city of Thyatis as graves for their Alphatian overlords. They are also secretly used as meeting places for insurrectionists. Even after the Alphatians are driven out, the catacombs continued to be dug for funerary purposes. (2)

Unknown dates:

??? - "Years ago": Helenites Osteropolus kills his wife's best friend in a fit of rage. (1)

??? - Helenites and Fabia Osteropolus' daughter dies while very young. (1) *Note, she was presumably born around the time of Pulcher, and probably died around a decade or so past.

Y - Yalag, an orc from the Altan Tepes, is enslaved and sent to work in the mines. (1)
Y+3 - After years working in the mines, Yalag is sent to the Arena of Markrast. His successes as a gladiator allow him to eventually purchase his freedom. (1)
Y+10 - Yalag decides to retire from fighting in the arena, and become a trainer for gladiators instead. (1)

??? - Sometime before 960 AC (the Thyatian/Alphatian war), there was a year of terrible plague in Thyatis. (2)

Of particular interest, to me, is that Flavian Osteropolus was a part of the Traladaran Wars of a century ago, which means he probably knew - and likely fought with - Stefan Karameikos' ancestor Stefan the Hermit, as well as the notorius Commander Rosentos.