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Dead Immortals

compiled by John Calvin

Ground (According to IM2, he was killed by Adventurers on the Plane of Earth)
Ouranous, the High Hierarch of Earth before Terra, went missing during the age of Giants, possibly eaten by Qywwatz, creator of the neh-thalggu.
Pax and Thalia, who headed into the Dimensional Vortex together and were never seen again.
Urd and Verthandi, who vanished, leaving only Skuld behind of the Norns.
Sinbad is also missing, though he may have become an old one..

d20 Blackmoor:
Temrin: A Patron of Time, killed by Thanatos
Hadeen: A Patron of Archers, worshipped by the Peshwa, who was killed by Calelrin which I identify as Demogorgon or possibly Arik.

Hallucigena (made heirarch twice and the blackballs came)
Grief (alive only as a vision crying into a lake)