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Demon Blade: The Pawn Shop

by Joaquin Menchaca

Fruffle Pendlewink, a wealthy plump hin (halfling) runs a local pawn shop in Kelvin, and seeks to hire players to guard it as he embarks on a mission of utmost importance to Castellan.

He has come across a dagger of unknown magical properties and has secured a buyer in Castellan. He owes money to a crime syndicate: the Iron Ring, and this dagger can be the payoff he needs to pay to the syndicate.

The party will run into a few potential encounters while guarding the pawn shop. A local run in with the Iron Ring demanding payment, and also an adventuring party that wants the dagger they pawned to the shop.

Unknown the party, there are many interested in the dagger. A group of cultists that running a ritual in the Caves of Chaos. A wealthy and secretive wizard that lives in a manor in Darokin (north of Threshold), bugbear hunters, and a few lone individuals that are not all that they seem (doppleganger agent from Sind, vampire from an ancient society, a lycanthrope tribe, nomadic gypsies, an angel, and a demon).