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Demogorgon's Mechanical Flea

by Sean Meaney

Minor Artefact of Enthropy
Power: Bug Repellant (25pp)
Handicap: Recharge Cost (absorbs future 10,000xp per 1pp earned by host-user)
Penalty: Animate Dead (as spell up to 40HD) on an area around the User of the Artefact.

Description:This is a lesson in humility - The flea serves as a bug repellant for the immortal Demogorgon without any side effects but unleashed on the world it simply functions automatically when the host swats at any fleas or lice. Feeling threatened, it expends 25pp activating the bug repellant power. It then Animates dead (whenever and where ever possible) drawing them to the user as a source of potential experience points that it can feed off. If the Host User is killed before full recharge is possible and is animated as undead it will jump to the next nearest host attatching itself to a new user - animating dead to attack the Host so they can earn the experience points needed to recharge.

For the DM: This Artefact can serve as the basis for an Undead Apocalypse because they will crawl out of Graveyards to supply the host with a source of experience points it can absorb.