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Dungeon Geomorphs

by Rodger Burns

So I've recently been bitten by the creative bug, and spent some time in front of my computer making up the beginning of a set of dungeon geomorphs. Thing is, I'm not sure what group or race in-game is responsible for making these places, and until I do I'm going to be bothered that I'm missing something important while doing my mapping work. So pitch me your ideas and theories on who might be building dungeons using these geomorphs, and where on Mystara they might be found!

Stuff I Already Know:

- They have an ordered mind, to an extent - they dig in straight lines and make a lot of right angles and 45-degree angles. They're not much for symmetry, though.
- They avoid natural cave formations (or else dig them out, smooth down the walls fully and add interior walls of their own - no natural cave walls left behind)

- They also have a habit towards large, circular or hemispherical open spaces - this might be cultural, practical, or related to some practice of magic or spiritual beliefs.

- They appear to have a bit of a dark side, or at least sometimes expect to need a LOT of jail cells/animal cages/monastic enclosures.

- The 'blind corners' of the octagonal-shaped tiles appear to be (and often are) solid rock. Sometimes, though, there's secret passages that lead off into strongpoints or hideaways, inhabited by... who?

A couple examples of the diamond-shaped tiles.

Iiiinteresting. If these are Schattenalfen-built cities, then they likely have flapsail pens in some areas, defensive positions hardened against (rare, but potent) magical attacks, and strongholds built to stand off attacks from rival neighbors as much as outside threats. I know less about the Modrigswerg/Shimmering Lands dwarves, but I suspect they'd be fond of cramped working spaces, blind-alley traps and oubliettes, and hideaways where dangerous magic could be stowed away to poke at without risking a massive chain reaction when things go wrong. Anything else to suggest?

In the meantime, here's an additional selection of tiles: