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Darokin forts along the Atruaghin border

by Michael Griffin

Another problem left unmentioned: the presence of forts in Darokin that weren't in the Darokin Gazeteer.

It's easy to say 'retcon', but another solution exists. "Children of the Tiger" is the original name of Danel's folk, in a time when his priests dominated and their aggressions were largely turned inward. Atzanteotl and his priests were dissatisfied, though: with the lack of power for themselves (of course!), with the isolationist policies, with the . . . unimaginative . . . nature of Danel's malice.

Eventually, they launched a bloody coup and took over. Danel's loyalists were killed, driven abroad, driven underground or forced into token roles with no real power. The victors became known as the Children of the Viper and Darokin quickly found itself having to expand its army and build two new forts to defend the new front. The map in the original Atruaghin gazetteer comes into play.

Logic aside, it points to several possible adventures. Any party could find itself hired to help defend The Viper's neighbors from their depredations, erect new defenses, or deal with the problematic refugees pouring in. Later, Atzanteotl could take advantage of his strengthened presence to cause even more trouble during the Wrath War than he already was in WotI.