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Thoughts on Class Bonuses in the Dominion System

by Håvard

Here is an idea I have thought about:
Should the race/class of the ruler have an impact on how resources can be harvested and how other things work around his dominion?

For instance:

Dwarf: +10% revenue from mountain hexes
Elf/Druid/Forester: +10% revenue from Forest Hexes
Halfling +10% revenue from Farmland hexes
Thief/Rake: +10% revenue from Urban hexes
Cleric/Mystic: +10% to Confidence
Fighter: 10% cost reduction to Troop training.

by Giampaolo Agosta

I think the race of the subjects should be more important than that of the ruler: a dwarf ruler of a predominantly human land would get limited benefits from his knowledge of mines, unless the dominion is small enough to allow direct involvement in such matters.
I'd rather give population density bonuses and penalties -- e.g., more dwarves can survive in a given mountain hex than humans, due to different dietary patterns, etc. The same for elves in the forests (humans would just cut the forests down to support the increased population).
On the other hand, class benefits could well apply as mentioned.
A similar approach was used in Birthright's dominion management system, where Fighters are stronger in Law holdings, Clerics in Temple holdings, Thieves in Guilds and Wizards in Source holding (harnessing the inherent magic of otherwise undeveloped lands to power spells).