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Side Effects of the Doomsday Device on the Alphatian Sea Region

by Kyle Knight

#1: Wild Magic Zone
#2: more new forms of Undead
#3: mutated forms of other Monsters/Normal Animals
#4: massive Magic Dead Zone (even negating Immortal Magic within the zone)
#4a: Immortals in the zone become Mortal while in the zone
#5: random fractures in both Time and Space (things from the past or present slip thru; but, so do things from other Planes)
#6: a massive rip to the Plane of Energy that's allowing Positive Energy to rush into the Prime Material Plane
#6a: a massive rip to the Plane of Entropy allowing Negative Energy to flood the Prime Material Plane
#7: WotC/Hasbro is plane-shifted to fill the vacancy of Alphatia's destruction
#8: the Old One, who originally tampered with the NotS, foresaw this possible outcome and linked Alphatia's destruction to ancient Blackmoor and made it so all of Blackmoor was actually teleported thru time to fill Alphatia's vacant region

All but one of these are serious pick which one you want to be the humorous one.