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Side Effects of the Doomsday Device on the Alphatian Sea Region

by Håvard

So, I was thinking about the massive destructive effects, powered by the Radience through Rad's Doomsday Device. What sort of side effects and long term consequences could this have on the setting besides the obvious removal of Alphatia? Mainly, I am thinking about things I could use in my campaign.

First of all this is a massive display of destruction, which would attract the forces of Entropy. This could likely include undead, but I would love for it to have other effects as well. Could the damage have splashed into other planes as well, similar to the Great Rain of Fire? Would this have attracted Spirits or other planar creatures?

Secondly, has this affected magic in the region. What if magic has been thrown off balance? Perhaps new Good and Bad Magic Points have been created?

Okay, I was thinking about this some more last night. Here are some things I came up with:

1) A magificent giant red Aurora Borealis can be seen shooting from the Sundsvall Whirlpool. Only visible at night. It is actually a tear in the dimensional fabric.
2) Sometimes (on the Day of Dread perhaps?), a hail of blood red rocks shoot from the tear. Most fall into the water and many disolve on impact, but others can be found all across the islands of around the Alphatian Sea region. Where the rocks land, Good or Bad Magic Points sometimes open. Some are portals to other planes. Others produce other magical effects when touched. Some will transport you to other places, planes or dimensions. Others may summon beings or produce other fantastic effects. These rocks are known as Dreadstones after the Day of Dread.

Monsters are always interesting.

The main monsters known to be created by Radience Energy are the Lightning Zombies /Radience Zombies from WotI/MMCA. The Radience can also turn users into Liches (See Prince Brannart in Gaz3).

How about Radience Dragons? They are basically Dracoliches/Undead Dragons (AC9), but boosted with Radience effects.