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Side Effects of the Doomsday Device on the Alphatian Sea Region

by Robin

When reading the WotI several things seem to appear...centered on Sundsvall
The order of this is listed and confusingly displaced due texts that go back and forth in time; here after careful reading the right order;
0 Activation of device
1 Draining all magic
2 Immediatly releasing all this magic
3 immediately after the activation of the Nucleus of Sphere, earthquakes begin rumbling across the continent, volcanoes emerge, cities topple. (in my opinion on this structure of Mystara as biological creature; the upper layer of cells is separating from the deeper cells; in fact creating a wound underwater)
4 minutes later a storm forms over Sundsvall
5 Lightning falls as Thick as rain, utterly destroying the imperial palace
6 Hail the size of war-horses crashes down upon the city, destroying 50% of all dwellings in Sundsvall
7 Rain floods whole areas of the city
8 Magical races grow ill and lose their strength, life extended people die
9 wards and barriers which long kept powerful fiends/demons and other monsters imprisoned fail, and the captives run free (in a ultimate chaos),
10 hours of meteorological abuse storm vanishes.
11 within the span of a few hours, most of the continent sinks beneath the the cold waters of the sea of Dawn. giant waves of water rolling inland
12 Causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people
13 Nucleus drained massive amounts of energy from the entire planet. Magic does not return for a week

14 The Immortals struggled to save what they could, they can't stop the sinking of of the continent
15 They use their magic to transfer it into the Hollow world as a floating Continent, and alphatia is not completly destroyed
16 Although the population is devastated, most of them survive and begin to adapt to their strange new environment
17 (Almanacs)In cutting the continent away they released a gigantic monster that was hidden underneath Alphatia appearing wees later in the sea of dawn (in my opinion this is a variant of a Burrower as it came from the deeper cells)

I'll be back on possible later effects
Possibly a scab growing filling up the submerged wound.

added extra information.
The rupturing away of the collapsed upper cells making up most of the Alphatian continent by the immortals created a large hemostatic wound. the cells coming into contact with the cold water instantly cooled down and hardened making a scab due inflammmation by external organisms and material. The lava/magma normally used to energize the cells howver continues to be imported in such a large area (similar to real wounds were large wounds tend to bleed much longer and create larger and thicker scabs and later rougher scars.
It depends on the depth of the wound. and I suggest keeping it to a minimum of about 2 cell layers (about 500 yards thick) of removed material.
Within a 3 years of pushing up due proliferation the scab will be break the seas and appear as new rough rock isles, within a few decades these isles are small already grown together to form a rocky continent. The area is prone to earthquakes, and volcanic ruptures in an attempt to heal. over the next 3 centuries the scab rocks will erode away and reveal scarred remodeled rock underneath when the volcanism will ease down and nature has a greater chance to grow over this. All in all a rough shaped continent with rocky edges, much irregular hills, rock formations, yet almost no mountains, or flat areas will make up the new remodelled continent, as like a huge scar.
It depends on the bravery of the surface dwellers who settle here first.
Following Mystara history Earth and Fire Elemental creatures with Red/Brown/gold/ruby dragons first, followed by sturdy fire/mountain giants then ither humanoids and then humans and demihumans. The region will be full of life, as nature has a habit to do. Forests and such will only form after the area has settled in the following decades.

As to Hollow World Alphatia. A thin crust taken from the Outer World, eaily bends in the curved shape as suggested in WotI/Almanacs, and being an organic part, allows the Immortals to regrow new areas in a copy of the original areas which left behind on the Outer World (like the western mountains of Trollhattan). Also the bleeding cells would glob together and make the lower section of the floating continent into a singular mass (also a form of scab, yet not fed by magma. Any volcanoes on the original continent will seaize in action. and earthquakes are a thing of the past. increased sunradiation of a red sun, supressed magic learning/casting will affect the normal magic abilities/culture of the population in the next centuries (and as such breaking the Spell of Preservation). It might also be that the continent will eventually be removed from Mystara and placed in the old Alphatian realm, to prevent breaking the Spell of Preservation.
The first years the bleeding rock will drip rocks, mud, magma down, until it all hardened. This will happen even if the Immortal helped in hardening the bottom area of the floating continent. This falling will have a profound effect on the local populace below being detrimental or benificial (or both).

Added extra information to my suggestion after some serious wound research.

Contradictionary to other suggestions I do not think any Radiance or Radiance effect is created other than those already present or occurring(regularly or not). I see it more like a medical (on a planetary scale) issue and restauration.
this restauration is also the reason the Immortals can't (or would have great problems) to return Alphatia to its original location....even if Urt (aka Mystara itself) was consent in doing so---which I would deem a slim chance at all