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Dragon Magazine

This file is an outline of the material describing D&D/ Mystara related articles in Dragon magazine.

Issue Notes
93 Preview:
     B8 Journey to the Rock
94 Previews:
     AC4 Book of Marvellous Magic
     O2 Blade of Vengeance
96 Previews:
     CM4 Earthshaker
     X9 Savage Coast
98 Previews:
     B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond
     D&D Master Rules Set
99 Previews:
     AC5 Dragon Tiles II: Revenge of Rusak
     CM5 Mystery of Snow Pearl
101 Previews:
     AC6 Master DM's Screen
     XS2 Thunderdelve Mountain
104 Recent releases:
     X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield
     CM6 Where Chaos Reigns
     M1 Into the Maelstrom
  Planned for next year:
     D&D Immortals Rules Set
105 Previews:
     AC6 Player Character Record Sheets
     B10 Night's Dark Terror
     CM7 Tree of Life
107 Preview:
     M2 Vengeance of Alphaks
108 Preview:
     Dungeons and Dragons Set 5: Immortals Rules
109 Several articles of generic interest:
     Customised classes for OD&D
     War Machine article
110 Previews:
     X11 Saga of Shadow Lord
     IM1 Immortal Storm
112 Article index for all prior issues
     DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor
113 Preview:
     AC9 Creature Catalogue
115 Previews:
     DA2 Temple of Frog
     M3 Twilight Calling
116 Preview:
     X12 Skarda's Mirror
117 Preview:
     IM2 Wrath of Olympus
118 Preview:
     DA3 City of Gods
119 Previews:
     CM8 Endless Stair
     Gaz 1 Grand Duchy of Karameikos
120 Preview:
     M4 Five Coins for Kingdom
121 Preview:
     B1-9 In Search of Adventure
     DA4 Duchy of Ten
131 Preview:
     Gaz 5 Elves of Alfheim
132 Orc Wars game (later included in Gaz 10)
133 Preview:
     Gaz 6 Dwarves of Rockhome
134 Orc Wars errata

135 Preview:
     Gaz 7 Northern Reaches
137 Preview:
     Gaz 8 Five Shires
139 Preview:
     Gaz 9 Minrothad Guilds
141 Preview:
     Gaz 10 Orcs of Thar
143 Preview:
     Gaz 11 Republic of Darokin
145 Preview:
     Gaz 12 Golden Khan of Ethengar
147 Preview:
     B11 King's Festival
148 "Around the World in 36 Levels" - Article summarising and hyping Mystara/Known World
     TM1 Western Countries
     Dawn of the Emperors boxed set
149 Preview:
     TM2 Eastern Countries
150 Preview:
     PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk
151 Preview:
     B12 Queen's Harvest
152 Preview:
     PC2 Top Ballista
153 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 1: "Up, up, and away -- across the Known World!" 1964: Nyxmir 11, 1965: Alphamir 15, Sulamir 10, 25, Sudmir 3, 25, 26, Vertmir 1, 4
     New monster description: Cestian gobbler
154 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 2: "Into the mountains, to meet with ... doom." 1965: Vertmir 7, 17, 18, Tsalmir 8, 11, 18
     Map of voyage from Sundsvall, Alphatia to Oceania

   New C7 spell: Ship Flight
155 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 3: "To seek out new life and new civilisations." 1965: Tsalmir 19-Andrumir 11
     PC3 Sea Peoples
156 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 4: "Capture, surrender, and -- death?" 1965: Andrumir 12, 24, 26, 28, Cyprimir 1
     Map of voyage from Jungle Coast to Cestia
     New monster description: Heldannic knights and
         their officers
  Article about skills in OD&D games
     DDA1 Arena of Thyatis
157 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 5: "As they fed on a nation, so were they cursed'. 1965: Cyprimir 10, 16, 18-21, 24, 25
     New monster description: Abatu of Varellya, Nagpa
     Gaz 13 Shadow Elves
158 "The Mightiest of Dragons" article
     New monster description: Dragon spirit
  VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 6: "A culture with a different sense of taste." 1965: Hastmir 4, 6-8, 16, 17, 25
     N'djatwa racial description
159 Preview:
     Hollow World boxed set
160 "Up, Away and Beyond" article
  VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 7: "The Princess Ark aims for the stars." 1965: Hastmir 26-Eimir 15
     Geographical supplement: Myoshima
         Modified race: Rakasta of Myoshima have 60'
         Nations: Myoshima, Rajahstan, Kompor-Thap,
          Selimpore, Malacayog, and Surabayang
     DDA2 Legions of Thyatis
161 Up, Away, and Beyond errata
  VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 8: "Voyaging down under -- and inside!" 1965: Eimir 16-18, 22-26, Burymir 1-5, 12, 19, 26, Nyxmir 5, 12, 15, 16, 19, 21-25
     Map of transition from outer world to Hollow World
     Monster description: Vulcanian sloth
         DA5 City of Blackmoor cancelled
         Knights of Air = Knights of White Drakes
         Glantri City map scale error
162 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 9: "Land, ho... 12 o'clock!" 1965: Nyxmir 26, 28, Amphimir 3, 5, 7-12, 16-18, 22
     Oostdok gazetteer
     HWA1 Nightwail
163 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 10: "The Return of Darkness." 1965: Amphimir 23-26, 28, 1966: Alphamir 15, 19-25
     New monster description:
         Night dragon (lesser and greater)
164 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 11: "The return home... almost." 2000 Alphamir 26-28, Sulamir 1-25
     NPC descriptions:
         Haldemar of Haaken
         Ecbashur Talasar
     New monster description:
         Sky wyrm (lesser and greater)
     HWA2 Nightrage
165 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 12: "An ancient revelation." 2000: Sulamir 26, Sudmir 17, 19, 20, 25, 26
     NPC descriptions:
         Myojo Katamura
         Nabonidus Raman
         Abovombe, daughter of Mananjary
166 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 13: "Where dreams of chaos reign." 2000: Vertmir 11, 13, 15, 16, 28, Tsalmir 1-5
     Emerondian gazetteer


     HWA3 Nightwail
167 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 14: "The sky dragon unleashed." 2000: Tsalmir 8-12
     Thothian Enchantment description
     NPC descriptions:
         Ashari Sunlil
         Ramissur Zumrulim
         Tarias of Arogansa
         Leo of Le Nerviens
         War Puppies
         Undead PCs
168 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 15: "The last (and first) hour of the Princess Ark." 2000: Tsalmir 12, 16, 17, 20-22
169 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 16: "Conspiracies within conspiracies." 2000: Tsalmir 23-26, 28, Andrumir 4, 8, 12, 14-19
     Sind gazetteer
     Sind map
170 Article: "From Hatchling to Immortal Guardian"
  VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 17: "Serpent Peninsula Revisited." 2000: Cyprimir 12, 18. 24-28
     Yavdlom gazetteer
     Yavdlom map
     Sind map errata
     DDA3 Eye of Traldar
171 Article: Who's Who Among Dragons
  VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 18: "Slagovich Affair." 2000: Hastmir 1, 3-5, 10, 16-18, 24
     Red Steel and related matters
     Map of southern City States
     NPC description:
         Xerdon, Naduk-Sim
         People's Temple
         Princess Ark (articles and boxed set)
     HWR1 Sons of Azca
172 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 19: "Hule!" 2000: Hastmir 25-28, Eimir 1
     Cinnabryl's Darker Uses
     Map of northern City States and southern Hule
         Lizard man
         Nagpa and Varellyans
         Map errata
         Upcoming products
     Gaz 14 Atruaghin Clans
173 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 20: "Raman's Holiday Homework." Eimir 5
     More on Hule
     Bozdogan (Immortal Patron of Deceit,
          Sphere of Thought?)
     Hosadus (same as Master?)
         "Warp speed" in space
         New D&D rule sets
         Name of Mystara and its moons


       Wrath of the Immortals
         DotE map errata: Wendar and Denagoth
         Spell of Preservation
         List of planned supplements:
          HWr1 Sons of Azca
          HWr2 Kingdom of Nithia
          HWr3 Milenian Empire
          HWr4 Milenian Sceptre (adventure)
          Heldann Freeholds
174 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 21: "Savage Baronies." Eimir 7-10
     Monster Description: Errant Soul
     Northern Savage Baronies: Map and Gazetteers
     D&D Rules Cyclopaedia
     HWR2 Kingdom of Nithia
175 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 22: "Arsenic and old mantillas." 2000: Eimir 12-15, 22
     Southern Savage Baronies: Map and Gazetteers
     Rapier mastery table


     DDA4 Dymrak Dread
176 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 23: "Shootout at South Gulch." 2000: Eimir 24, 25, 28, Burymir 1, 3-5, 8
     Claw Peninsula: Map and Gazetteer
     Cimarron Six-Shooter
     Deck plans for light Heldannic Warbird
177 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 24: "Lords of forest." 2000: Burymir 14-18, 20
     Robrenn: Map and Gazetteer
     Classes: Druid, Druidic Knight, and Bard
         Atruaghin Clans
         FSS Beagle
         Journey to Rock
         Announcement of upcoming products
     Quest for Silver Sword
178 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 25: "Of blood and steel." 2000: Burymir 23-28
     Eusdria: Map and Gazetteer
     Elven class variants
         Future products
         Dragon breath
         Neutral paladins
         Souls and spheres
179 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 26: "A glass of wine and a shaggy dog story." 2000: Burymir 28, 2001: Nyxmir 1-3, 6-10
     Renardy: Map and Gazetteer
     Monsters: Lupin and tortle
     Dragon's Den Adventure Pack
180 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 27: "To death and back." 2000: Nyxmir 18-20, 22, 23
     Limbo and afterlife
     Map of Bellayne
     Assault on Raven's Ruin
181 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 28: "In the eyes of the cat." 2000: Nyxmir 24-28, Amphimir 1-5
     Gazetteer of Bellayne
     Savage Coast Coats of Arms
     Lupin and Rakasta PCs
         Reversing XP bonuses/penalties
         D&D Psionics/AD&D conversions
         Cancelled and upcoming products
         Missing Alphatian data
         Languages and ethnic groups
         D&D rule clarifications
     Thunder Rift
182 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 29: Letters! We get letters!
         More creature PCs
         Star Trek inspiration
         Ironwood spell clarification
         Norwold gazetteer
         Firearms in D&D (No!)
         Haldemar's princely title
         Mystara map and continental drift
         HWR2 errata
         Nithian armour and weapons
         Ethengar weapon mastery suggestions
         AC9 revision (upcoming)
     Goblin's Lair Adventure Pack
183 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 30: "Web of Wizard-King." 2001: Amphimir 11, 13-15
     Herath: Map, Gazetteer, and Coats of Arms
     Araneas as PCs
     Wrath of Immortals
184 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 31: Letters, letters! More letters!
     Gazetteer calendars
     Map issues
     General philosophy and rules issues
     Discussion of various nations
     HWR3 Milenian Empire
     Sword and Shield
185 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 32: "Silence of the lizards." 2001: Amphimir 23-25, Alphamir 4, 8-11, 13, 14
     Prophecies of doom
     Death of Aliana Nyraviel confirmed
     Squamous Kingdoms: Map, Gazetteer, and Coats of Arms
     Lizard-kin as PCs
     PC4 Night Howlers
     Tainted Sword (novel)
     Haunted Tower Adventure Pack
186 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 33: "Lords of shade and hue." 2001: Alphamir 17-21
     Wallara: Map, Gazetteer, and Coats of Arms
     Chameleon Men as PCs
     AC1010 Poor Wizard's Almanac
187 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 34: The postal deluge continues
     Clerical Create Food table
     Other rules clarifications
     Dominions and retainer costs
     Mystic orders (Ochalea, Dunwick, and
         Lhamsa in Glantri)
     HWQ1 Milenian Sceptre
188 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 35: "The return home." 2001: Alphamir 25-28, Sulamir 1
     End of Princess Ark series
     Proof of absence of rakasta in Alphatia
     Jibarú: Map and Gazetteer
     Phanatons as PCs
189 Known World Grimoire:
     Language mishmash
     Fate of Alfheim inhabitants
     PWA errata
     Economics, population, and food
190 Ecology of Actaeon
  Known World Grimoire:
     Robrenn and Asterix
     More economics:
         Population growth
     Knight of Newts
     Fall of Magic
     Dragon's Tomb
191 Known World Grimoire:
     Military organisation
     DMR2 Creature Catalogue
     Fall of Magic
192 Known World Grimoire: "The Sting and the Sun"
     Nimmur: Map and Gazetteer
     Errata for previous issues
     Rage of Rakasta
193 Known World Grimoire:
194 Known World Grimoire:
     Day of Dread (see PWA II for 1011 AC)
     Benekander's Manifestation Form
     Green Slimes
     Charm effects of dead charmers
     In the Phantom's Wake
195 Review:
     Dragon's Tomb
196 Known World Grimoire:
     Dark Jungle Orcs: Map and Gazetteer
197 Known World Grimoire:
     Announcement of AD&D (2E) conversion
     Information about post-WotI Alphatia,
         Minaea, Ylaruam, and Glantri
     Stats for chakram and bullroarer knife
     Champions of Mystara
     Fall of Magic
199 Known World Grimoire:
     Fantasy heraldry (including magic powers)
     AC1011 PWA II
200 Known World Grimoire:
     Arm of Immortals: Map and Gazetteer
     Ee'aar and Enduks as PCs
     Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure
     Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix
  "The Colour of Magic"
206 Karameikos Ho!:
     Black Eagle Barony
     Local goblinoid tribes, including mystics
207 Magic of Karameikos:
     Krakatos and Karameikan School of Magecraft
     Spell Primer (duplicated in KKoA)
     Fantasy Empires (Mystara computer game)
     Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure
     Monstrous Compendium: Mystara Appendix
     Dragonlord of Mystara (novel)
208 Mystara CD adventure previews:
     Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure
     Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix
     Hail the Heroes CD adventure
     Night of Vampire CD adventure
     Poor Wizard's Almanac (AD&D 2E version)
209 Preview:
     Hail the Heroes
210 Preview:
     Red Steel
211 Preview:
     AC1012 PWA III (not fully identified in magazine)
213 Previews:
     Player's Survival Kit
     DUNGEON MASTER (R) Survival Kit
215 Preview:
     Glantri: Kingdom of Magic
216 Bazaar of the Bizarre
     Savage Baronies
218 Preview:
     Mark of Amber
219 Preview:
     Dragonking of Mystara (novel)
222 Preview:
     Dark Knight of Karameikos (novel)
223 Previews:
     Joshuan's Almanac
227 Preview:
     Dragonmage of Mystara (novel)
231 Previews:
     Black Vessel (novel)
     Savage Coast Campaign Book
         (incorrectly listed for sale)
232 "En Garde!"
     Secret pass fighting techniques for
         Savage Coast swashbucklers
     Savage Coast free download

       (still available in 2000!)

  Sorcerous Sixguns
     Firearms available in Savage Coast but not in
         Known World
233 On Wings of Eagles:
     (Generic rules for Avariel/Ee'aar)
237 Lupins of Mystara
  Free Savage Coast downloads
238 WotC TSR takeover FAQ:
     Mystara still dead, but all dead game worlds are
     under review.
239 SAGA for various game worlds, including Mystara
240 Errata for lupin article in issue #237
247 Rakasta of Mystara
315 Sundering Ka: describes the Defilers of Ka and the Ka-tainted template. Also contains synopsis on the creation of Hollow World.
  Cinnabar, Red Steel, and the Red Curse: 3.5E rules for the red curse and legacies. Also contains synopsis on the creation of Red Steel.
  Guardians of the Docrae: a look at the halflings of the northern marches from the Blackmoor setting.
  Return to the Lost City: a look at the Cynidiceans and the Lost City in 3.5E. Also contains synopsis on the creation of Mystara.
318 Children of Ka: The Dagger of the Dinosaur Sage. A look at the Malpheggi lizardfolk and the children of Ka.
323 Ecology of the Choker.
325 Winning Races: Lupins. Bringing Lupins into 3.5E.
327 Winning Races: Diaboli. Bringing Diaboli into 3.5E.
339 Creature Catalog IV: Campaign Classics. Conversions of the Dusanu, Nagpa and Phanaton.
343 Creature Catalog V. Conversions of the Nuckalavee and Malfera.
344 VOYAGE OF THE PRINCESS ARK 36: "Home and Away Again." 2001: Sulamir 14-17