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Situations for Dreamworld

by Giulio N. Caroletti

As promised, here are some of the possible "Situations" for the Dreamworld setting, which I posted some time ago. I hope you will appreciate the humour, and that you will forgive me for the situations I borrowed from the wonderful "Grailquest" books by J. H. Brennan. You could even add some yourself!


You are a young virgin, and you are running barefoot in a graveyard. You know that a vampire is after you, and you know that if he reaches you, you will be killed. Roll a Constitution check: if it is successful, you flee and immediately wake up. If it is failed, you are bitten by the vampire: if it is failed by more than five points, you are dead, and your body will transform in that of a vampire. Otherwise, you immediately wake up, having lost 1d10 hit points, two levels, and having a scar of a vampire bite on your throat.


You are walking in a wonderful garden, where flowers bloom, the climate is mild, and fruits grow spontaneously on trees. Unfortunately, a nest of bees have been disturbed, and thousands of them are now gathering to attack you. Roll a d100: this will show how many bees bite you, and for each of them you lose 1 hp. If you die, you wake up without harm, but you become allergic to bees, so that if you are ever bitten in the real world, you must make a saving throw versus death or die in 1 turn.


One of Master Terari's spells have horrendously failed, and you (that apparently are known as "the Stalker") have become a sedan stalk. The life among the other vegetables isn't bad at all, you are growing in tranquillity in Terari's kitchen garden, and there's always the possibility to talk with the beams, the carrots and the potatoes (although sometimes the salad is quite unnerving*). Unfortunately, Terari's goat has managed to jump over the pen, and has begun to eat a little here and a little there.
Roll a d12. If the number is lower than 6, the goat eats a little of salad and a carrot, and you face no damage (apart from the psychological one deriving from seeing a fellow vegetable eaten to death). If you roll 7-11, you lose 1d20 hit points due to the goat tasting a little of you, before turning to the tomatoes. But if you roll 12, the goat swallows you...

* In Italy, there is a quality of salad known as scarole.


You are closed in a room with a Dream Monster. This guy has the appearance of a giant squid with the face of King Ericall. He takes a little sand and throws it in your eyes. If you fail a saving throw against spells, you begin to Dream...again, you have to roll on this table. Otherwise, the Dream Monster leaves the room, grumbling something on the sand that is no more that of the good old days, and you wake up.


You are bound to a table in a strange 5x5 meters room, whose walls are all azure and made of a strange metal. In the room, there is also a giant peluche that represents a dragon...and one that represent a bear, and one that represent an Alphatian guy named Mousse or something similar to that. However, the problem is that an Evil genius sits on a chair beside you, and holds a wand in the hand with a strange form (it seems to be a bottle of water made of wood). He laughs and says something about the Alphatians who are going to be destroyed and then mumbles a magical word: the wand becomes green, and a purple light comes your direction.
Roll a d6:

1-2 The light changes direction and the Genius is metamorphosed in a peluche. You wake up feeling very stupid, but with no other negative consequence.
3-4 You are hit by the light and metamorph into a peluche. You wake up and find to be much weaker...for 1d6 days you lose 3 points of Strength and of Constitution.
5 You are metamorphosed into a peluche. You don't wake up, but your friends have a new toy to play with. A turn peluche into flesh spell can make it, however.
6 The light changes into Frank Sinatra who teaches you the spell turn peluche into flesh (reversible). Then you wake up with a scroll of that spell in your hand.


You are inside a room with no doors. There are two small chests. One is green, the other blue. You know that inside one of them there is a gem of teleport in another dream. However, in the other there is a gem that teleports you to the Abyss. Roll a dice. With 1-5 you open the right one. Roll again on the table. Otherwise, you fall in the Abyss. Roll a d12:

1-4 You wake up frightened. But it was a dream.
5-9 You wake up frightened. You cannot memorise spells if you are a spellcaster. But it was a dream.
10-11 You wake up after having dreamt that you were torn to pieces by a demon. But it was a dream. But you are full of scars, you are bleeding, and you have lost 3d20 hit points.
12 You wake up. You are in the Abyss.


Someone has cut your left leg and has thrown it in a well. Now you are descending the well to retrieve it. Roll a dexterity check with a -6 penalty. If you make it, you triumphantly take the leg, and wake up.
Otherwise you fall in the well, losing 3d6 hit points (a save vs wands with -3 penalty for half damage), and you wake up...with a numb leg for 1d6 turns. Enjoy!


You are in Glantri, and suddenly you discover that you are a werewolf dwarven cleric of Alphatia. The problem is, another hundred of commoners of the village you are passing by do so too. They capture you, bind you, and put you on a stake to be burned on the spot. You begin to say "This is just a dream, this is just a dream..." Let see if you convince yourself enough. Roll a d20, and add it to your Intelligence score. Then roll a d20 and add it to your Wisdom score.
If wisdom + roll is higher than intelligence + roll, you wake up in your bed (or wherever you are sleeping).
If intelligence + roll is higher than wisdom + roll, you are burned. Roll a d12:
1-4 You wake up full of burning scars and with 1d12 hit points of damage.
5-7 You wake up still burning. You have already lost 1d12 hit points, and you have to find soon a lot of water.
8-11 You wake up with a damage of 5d4 hit points. You are full of burning scars, and you have lost 1d4 fingers of your hands.
12 You don't wake up. However your body begins to burn. If your companions are good enough to stop the fire, you are in a coma for 2d6 hours.


You have eaten an omelette of red dragon eggs, and you suffer from a terrible stomach-ache. You lose 1d 100 hit points. If you die, you wake up with 5 permanent hit points less. If you survive, the energy of the red dragons give you 5 permanent hit points.


You are sitting in a garden. Beside you there is a monk named Paul G. D. who casts cure spells on you until you are cured of all your lost hit points. However, Paul G. D. tells you to travel to the Abbey of Mortus to retrieve the Sacred Butter of Skytte, otherwise you will be cursed and lose your left hand. However, if you retrieve the Sacred Butter, you will be blessed and receive 1 extra point of Wisdom and the blessing of the monk, that will give you the power of regenerating 1 hp per turn.