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Known World Beverages

by Håvard

Has anyone compiled a list of published beverages and drinks for Mystara? The only official ones I can think of are the three wines mentioned in B7. Feel free to add your own official and unofficial drinks to the list. Alcholic and non-alchoholic beverages are welcome!


by David Keyser

All of these are produced in Soderfjord, specifically the Vineyard Vales in a freeman region between the Great Marsh and the Otofjord River. (Source Dungeon Magazine #23)

These renowned table wines have an excellent reputation through the Northern Reaches, and in Rockhome, Ylaruam and Karameikos.
Vale Burgundy
Vale Sauterne

This cheap and very sweet wine packs quite a wallop, along with a hangover the next morning that can make the most hardened warrior bleating for mercy.
Jarldom 20-20, also known as JD 20-20 or Jolly Dwarf.

by JTrithen

A few listings from have been put together....

Beverages of Mystara

Drinks of Karameikos

Foods and Beverages of Mystara from the "99 Bottles of Mystaran Beer" thread on the Piazza.

With a quick search, I don't see Treesblood, the strong elven *EDIT* brandy *EDIT* from The Blood Brethren trilogy (HWA1 - HWA3) listed in those posts above. I'm surprised.

by Christian Constantin

Re-reading the Tabi entry of PC 2 (p. 28). I noticed a mention of "a really good dessert wine" bought in Shireton: the "Fishtickle Bridge Icewine."