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Dynamic Alignment System

by Håvard

So here's a new alternate alignment system I've been working on. It can probably be made to work with a two tier alignment as well, but I think it probably works best with a one tier system like BECMI:

1) Aligment is measured from +20 (Law) to -20 (Chaos).
2) PCs may begin the game with a value between +10 to -10 as determined by the player (or roll 2d6).
3) At the end of each session, the DM and player should discuss whether the player should adjust the value with 1 or 2 points. The DM has the final word, but it is better if the player is on the same page. This should be based on the actions of the PC during the session. If he lied, cheated or stabbed people in the back, then the character should be moved towards Chaos. If the PC made tough decisions that ended up making this more difficult for him because they were the right thing to do, then he might be allowed to shift his alignment closer towards Law.


Clerics: Clerics serving a Lawful or Chaotic Patron must start the game at +10 or -10 in their alignment and must never fall below that number. Neutral Clerics must never exceed +10/-10.

Note: Under this system, there is no real punishment for changing your alignment. Paladins, Druids, Avengers, Druids and Clerics do have some Alignment restrictions, but other characters may change throughout the game. Note that there are no benefits (or penalties) for playing a generally neutral character.