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Escape From Thunder Rift Characters

by Håvard

Chambrin (Human Wizard, Chaotic)
A renegade wizard from Karameikos, who found his way into Thunder Rift and used the portal beneath Hearth Home to escape.

Ezra (Elf)
A Callarii elf from Karameikos. He accidentally send a group of adventures into Thunder Rift. His real name is Ezrathanawel “Ezra” the Elf-lord (Speculation).

Borren (Dwarf)
A dwarven emissary from Hearth-Home

Otaras Stoneson (Dwarf)
Otaras is the leader of the Dwarves of Hearth-Home.

Barr (Dwarf, dead?)
A Dwarf who spoke to Farolas, years ago.

Asticles (9th level Human Wizard, Chaotic)
This is the mage who first discovered the portal below Hearth Home and constructed the chambers surrounding it. He later travelled to Karameikos and became Asticles the Witch-Lord ruling parts of Traladara from his Red Granite tower. He was eventually killed by Farolas.