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Eikab's Saga cap 2

by Eikab

To the Great School of Magic

To an exact month from the grip of the pact with don Hippolito (10 of Flaurmont of the 990 BC), Eikab was ready to face the destiny that was finally chosen after the long imprisonment beared. Don Hippolito secretly armed it with one Belcadizian short-sword bewitched, one of best pieces exited from the forge of the country(1).

That day could seem for the majority of the inhabitants of the Palace of Belcadiz, a day like an other, and also Eikab entered in the rooms of prince Ralondo like every other time in order to follow the monarch in his dark pleasures. To how much it turns out to us, but there was a moment in which the prince distracted the attention from his slave. A fatal lightness, of which we cannot say with certainty if the old prince had way to takes conscience of this.

Not hardly Ralondo fell in earth without more life in body, like progammato, don Hippolito that controlled secretly the course of the facts, made to take part his squires in the palace in order to put under arrest its sister, Doņa Carnelia. Something but did not work, because the soldiers of the plotter came blocked in a corridor from an entire garrison of elves that they forced them to one sudden yield. All these facts have been telling from the Princesa in person, in one his memory hour conserved in the Great Library of Glantri.

We follow the history through this document:

My brother believed foolishly of being able to act undisturbed. in the Palace. Just its dull easy-going behaviour facilitated me the climb to the throne; for this I have not been strict with he let him in life, when instead its attitude would have deserved very other consequence. Hippolito made the enormous error to trust of the fidelity of its elves, while a single informer was enough in order to send in ruin its plan. Not hardly the personal guard of my brother came blocked from the soldiers of the Palace by now headed in the rooms of ours defunct father, where I was sure to find Hippolito to contemplate his work.

In fact when I reached it was here(2)

"My compliments brother", I said to he, while he watched petrified and astonished to me, "Finally you have made in way to give to the Principality a worthy and able rulers, do you consider the life that I grant you to continue an adequate prize? "

Many colours passed on its face and said little stupid things in that moment in order to declare his yield. For this hour the hierarchical tie that it joins to us is therefore strong.

Now remained the debit to give a fate to the Being [Eikab] that it had do the regicide materially. It was not that one instrument little more than thinking in the hands of my brother. However I had followed it hidden (to the dark one of Hippolito obviously) in its apprenticeship of the magic and I thought it praiseworthy for its abilities. Watching its black eyes that filled up of fierce its suit Hush in my presence, and I give birth the idea of give to it an opportunity. I movements towards of they and resting both my hands on the shoulders of it and my brother I declaimed a Teletrasporting.

The travel without time, guided from the will of Carnelia, lead the three in the basements of the Great School of Magic of Glantri. This institution found location in a majestic constructed building to leave from the 845 BC(3) in one of the many small islands that they constitute the city of Glantri for will of the prince of Nouvelle Averoigne Etienne d'Ambreville.

But we return to the written ones of Doņa Carnelia:

"We find ourselves, Being [speaking always to Eikab ], in the basements of the Great School of Magic in the city of Glantri. Here our young people face the final test in order to demonstrate to their masters to have not only theoretically learned the magical limbs, but of being able to use them e also of forehead to every danger that in the world will be able to meet ". I said this and continued with my offer: "You, Being, spotted you are of one great guilt therefore to be punished without way of escape with the dead. But I am a elf sage and magnanimous. I know that you only indirectly are guilty of the crime that you have completed, as the sword is guilty that tears to pieces the meats and kills because moved from the warrior. Hour I grant the possibility to you to continue living. Now enter in the maze and he faces the final test for the wizard diploma, come out with only your forces and you will live(4). I know, the Glantrian young people that face the maze are at least ten times more powerful than how much you are hour. But you, Being, are a null one in this moment, you're only a being that give to become to slave to an assassin, however, you have the possibility to become someone: a free being. Therefore, it leaves to fall your arm to earth and enters in the maze in the same conditions of the students, face it, we Being [involved also don Hippolito that was present ] augurs you good fortune ".

To my words the being did not answer with objections, prayers or other. It left to go the short-sword simply that it held in fist and was turned towards the entrance. It made a step in order then to return of new with the ace towards of me and me churches: "It is this way?".

The Dungeon of the School of Magic was planned in order to subject to the candidate various intelligence tests, to begin placing of the obstacles to the movement in the corridors: "All the intersections in this Dungeon are blocked from magical doors that bring a symbol (hearts, spades, flowers or diamonds). The magical door will open to the simple touch of the magical key that brings the same symbol, [a key with a symbol to case will be made to find to the candidate endured after the entrance hung to a metal ring,] and it will be closed automatically once that the student is passed.

"One of the four symbols is marked to every corridor or intersection. Every time that the student enters in a zone, the magical key that corresponds to the symbol of this zone appears in the metal ring; if instead the key it is already in the ring, to disappear."(5) Beyond to this the Dungeon it counted 10 rooms of which some they had necessarily to be crossed, containing when humanoids or monster in ambush, when objects, make up and traps, thick magical times.

Once entered Eikab, the two Belcadizian nobles could observe every his minimal movement, but the first true adventure of the hero does not find narration in the pages of donates Carnelia. However we have a precious source that can give some information to us.

This is one of relationships of the guards of the underground plans of the School of Magic; it has filler just the date of the 11 of Flaurmont of the 990 BC and today it is conserved in the General Archives of Glantri with to many other similar exemplary.

Such relationship remembers the situation of the basements that the guard found the morning following, when it to fulfil his daily tasks of control and foraging of the creatures. The guard found "luminosity signs of the attempt to complete the test of final examination"; and even if it was very conscious that it was not nobody of in calendar, did not introduce the facts like an exceptional event, because many students or for curiosity, or in order not to bore, or, most times, for over appreciation of their abilities, they try of slip in the secret of the School; a lot is true that the guard to conclusion of the written one remembered to the tutor of the students "to supervise still more on the nocturnal activities of the scholars at last to avoid the slip in of they in places to them prohibition. I hopes that these facts do not happen more and that they come characterised the guilty "

Before these lines but the guard wrote to have found " the Hourglass of the Life(6) destroyed, with all the magical sand dispersed for the pavement and unusable, moreover it is disappear also the Cape of the Elves that had been hidden to the inside". The guard found also "the goblin of room 5 that was gone around for the corridor. After had resumed it and brought back to its emplacement it has told to me to have met a wizard whom it tried of make it invisible, and of being run away like it, it has been ordered not as soon as it came hurt ". The relationship continued with: " Noticing two smashed in doors(7), I caught up room 4 and I found the Bugbear to you died with a deep one hurt on the neck as it had been cut "; and finally: "term of the recognition fortunately I did not find no corpse neither of human neither of elf ".

We can understand therefore that Eikab, with much probability exceeded the test with facility and without to think too much to going around on the rooms, heading instead finding the escape way directly?

"I reached to being exasperated that continuous to appear and to disappear of keys in that determined ring that I held to the cintola to smash in one door. Beyond it I found a ramp of scales that went up. To covered half a buzz already felt and an intense light began to avvolgermi, and in a flash the underground corridor disappeared for finding me again to the open, suspended for little moments to average meter from earth. When I landed, I did not make case to the impact, me extended on the grass. - I am alive and I am free. - I thought.

These were the words with which Eikab it described to the term of its imprisonment and the beginning to me of its


(1) Technically one short-sword +3; the metallurgical art of the Elves of Belcadiz is considered like one of the best ones of the Know World, perhaps, thanks to the use of the magic, advanced also of that dwarvish and gnomish.

(2) Probably Hippolito was accorso also he in the room where had been consumed regicide B. HEARD, "The Principality of Glantri, TSR inc., p 5.

(3) For other information on the School (even if an academy is to all the effects), ibidem, pp 59-64.

(4) To notice as it Doņa Carnelia it associates the final test of the wizards, to the freedom for Eikab. According to its words, this means the conquest of rights, as the being of the class of the wizards confers the access to the noble titles to Glantri. B. Heard, The Principality of Glantri, TSR inc. 1991, pp 88-89

(5) In the advanced part of this object it came teletrasported the student not as soon as it entered in the room that contained it. The candidate had to find the way to exit from it before being dragged from the sand in the inferior section. To this point, for air lack he entered himself in one be of unconsciousness controlled for set up to the outside of the trap after an hour. After which the student finds again itself aged of ten years for effect of the sand. Cfr. B. Heard, The Principality of Glantri, TSR inc. 1991,p. 92.

(6)To how much it seems Eikab found the situation simpler in order to exit. "All the doors of this Dungeon can be smashed in, included the monodirectional doors ". B. Heard, The Principality of Glantri, TSR inc. 1991, p. 89.