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Elvenstar as an Artifact

by Amaldis

The Elvenstar is not clearly defined except for its restorative abilities. Its amplification abilities are quite vague, so I figured it could amplify Alfheim magic. The stats are as follows:

-Can amplify spells 10 to 50 times power, and up to a year's duration.
-Acts as a sentinel, alerts Gylharen to the approach of evil (not petty evil, big bad guy evil) within Wendar (no exact locations). (I used this ability for Gylharen to determine that evil was rising in Glantri.)
-To use the amplification process you must know certain magical procedures that are not available to the general wizard community (perhaps only Gylharen, the elves of Geffron, and Bensarian have these written down)
-Once per month the Elvenstar can heal two characters in mortal danger to full health. Or it can restore a level lost to energy drain.
-Somehow using the Elvenstar ties you to it, and makes you vulnerable to it when it is used to attack you.(This is why Landryn Teriak revived, and Bensarian, who had the stone for quite a while, could instantly sense the rippling of amplified Alfheim magic.)
-The side effect of the Elvenstar are that touching it causes a burning sensation, and adds 5 hip points per turn to the person touching it with exposed skin. If the bonus reaches the normal maximum or above then the person dies. If contact is stopped then the person permanently loses one hit point per day until they reach the number of bonus hit points. This can be stopped by a remove curse, or any equivalent. (Thus it is dangerous to touch exposed flesh to it, but if you do it's best to hold onto it until you are almost about to die from excess life energy. This effect is similar, but not exactly the same, to going to the positive energy plane.)

The history of this remarkable thing is unknown, but Bensarian has a rather interesting theory. According to the research he conducted while he was in ownership of the artifact, the stone is far older than the current Immortals. He believes that the rumoured Sphere of Life (which was an ancient sphere which supposedly held all the current spheres besides Entropy) created the stone to fight against the various spheres of Entropy. The stone was later found by the elves of Geffron, and reportedly small sylvan folk (sidhe) were seen prancing about it.