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Entropic Immortals

by Greg Weatherup

Bachraeus: A series of assassinations using poison spring up and the party must uncover this new guild of Bachraeus worshipping assassins and infiltrate their snake guarded compound. Or play up his Betrayal aspect and have a Bachraeus cleric ingratiate him/her-self into the party only to betray them at some key point.

Bagni: I liked his role in a Ragnarok adventure I saw somewhere once.

Or maybe some troll is finally born (i.e. gifted by Bagni) with enough intelligence and cunning to become a BBG. Maybe the troll sets up a pyramid of cannibalism that allows a horde from Trollhattan or Trollheim to become a real menace to the surrounding lands.

Or Bagni infiltrates the tiger clan lands and has trolls start feasting on the disposed corpses of sacrificial victims (after their hearts have been cut out atop the pyramid and the bodies tossed over the side of the pyramids) and so with a steady diet they become numerous, frightening the tiger clan villagers encourage their warriors to capture more and more sacrificial victims in a ever increasing cycle. While Tiger clan raids have always been a problem, the players must investigate when the sudden upsurge in the frequency of these raids and uncover the horrifying truth leaving them with a dilemma- Help the tiger clan by taking out the trolls, or somehow get the trolls to turn against the villagers of the clan, or worse yet face the prospect of trolls starting to join the tiger raids....

There was also a proposed Troglodyte group underneath Glantri mutating/evolving from the radiance and from increased meat consumption, something I would think Bagni would be interested in.

Brissard: The Alphatian patron of slavery.... Known in Thyatian as Hybristes. Perhaps he decides to expand beyond the Alphatian lands and so tries to either take over the Iron ring from Hel and co. or to push it out the from Karameikos and supplant it with his own group of slavers who are more concerned with numbers of slaves than quality of slaves (at least when compared to the Iron Ring).

Jammudaru or Vaprak, in addition to Ogres is also the prince of Nightmares and patron of torture. If he was to get word of the Glantrian secret craft of dream magic, watch out.... Or if he teamed with Bagni...