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Questing for Entropic Immortality

by David Knott

In this message I will describe the general method of questing for Immortality in the Sphere of Entropy. In later messages I will try to outline the specifics of the four paths to Entropic Immortality. Note that while I am describing this quest from the point of view of the candidate, most DMs (including me!) would undoubtedly prefer to use this quest as an adventure hook for heroic PCs opposed to the candidate's quest.

Before questing for Immortality, a character must learn of the existence of Entropic Immortals as well as the possibility of becoming such an Immortal himself. He must also reach level 30+ and discover certain specifics that are necessary for his quest:

Selection of Sphere: The candidate must not only select his favoured Sphere (Entropy in this case) but he must also select another Sphere that he is particularly opposed to, as the opposed Sphere will determine which of the four possible Entropic paths he is to follow.

Selection of Sponsor/Finding of Site: These items are the same as for standard candidates for Immortality.

Gift: Whereas the "gift" for candidates of the other Spheres is an inanimate object of great value, the gift for an Entropic candidate would be a sentient being of Lawful or Neutral alignment whose kidnapping and intended sacrifice would arouse a party of high level adventurers to chase the candidate in an attempt to rescue the intended victim before it is too late. At a minimum, the opposition should consist of two characters of level 25+, five characters of level 16+, or ten characters of level 9+. Add +1 to arrival/petition modifiers for each multiple of the required opposition that the candidate attracts.

Solitude: Given that a party of heroic adventurers will be hot on the candidate's trail, he is not required to undergo his quest completely unassisted -- but all assistance must be from "lesser" beings. He may recruit followers whose hit dice total no more than the candidate's level to ambush and attack his foes before they reach the candidate. For example, a 30th level evil wizard might recruit a 20 HD huge dragon and a 10 HD ogre chieftain to slow down his foes -- and each of these followers may recruit whatever followers the standard rules entitle them to -- but neither of these followers may directly defend the candidate. In addition, since it is next to impossible to hold onto a struggling sacrificial victim while fighting off the good guys, he may also be accompanied by low level followers whose total hit points do not exceed his level. If any of these followers are killed, he may contact his monstrous allies for replacements.

Petition: The journey to the place where the Entropic Immortal visits candidates for Immortality should be dangerous, with the candidate gaining one level or 120,000 XPs during the quest. His intended sacrifice must be kept alive during the entire journey and not sacrificed until his patron Immortal makes his appearance.

Seven Tests: As he nears the site chosen by his Immortal, the candidate will have seven encounters, each testing the candidate's mettle in one specific trait:

Dishonour and Treachery
Hatred of opposed Sphere of Power
Persistence in Face of Adversity
Cruelty and Coldness of Heart

The rules for Arrival, Meeting, and Petition are the same as for standard candidates for Immortality, with the modifiers for quality of opposition replacing those for value of gift. The patron Immortal will not arrive until all opponents seeking to save the intended sacrifice have been subdued or destroyed.

Once the Immortal accepts the candidate's petition, the candidate sets out on the path corresponding to his hated Sphere. Details of the four Entropic Paths will follow in a few days.