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Entropic Alliances

by Håvard

I find these concepts, while tied to 4E conversion, a fairly interesting starting point for a purely Mystaran discussion of where power lies within the Sphere of Entropy.

In my campaign, since Hel was promoted Full Hierarch of Entropy, various factions have been formed within the Sphere.

Offcially, three Princes serve directly under the Reigning Hierarch. The thrones of these Princes are currently held by:

1. Orcus, Prince of Destruction; This throne belongs to Thanatos, but Orcus serves while Thanatos is in exile after the Nightstorm incident (HWA3).
2. Atzanteotl, Prince of Deceit
3. Nyx: Princess of Death

Orcus, is supported by Alphaks, Bartziluth, Karaash, Ranivorus, Leptar, Bagni, Wogar, Yagrai, Kulturmak and Jammudaru. The Humanoid Immortals are allies to the cause, even if outside the Sphere. Alphaks desires Orcus' title, but is loyal for now. It is widely suspected that Thanatos backs this throne from his exile, whispering into Orcus' ear.

Atzanteotl is served by Loki, Danel, Zugzul, Demogorgon, Slizzark, Sassakass, and Crakkak. These Immortals favor lizardkin, evil elves and Giants.

Nyx has few supporters, but Talitha, Masauwu, Brissard and Aracne Prime usually support her cause. These are champions of death, undeath, spides and Aranea.

Using this model, it would not be unlikely that one of the Princes could plot against eachother. Orcus would have a strong motive to initiate such a plot, since he is not yet of Hierarch rank and only temporarily holding this seat. Should he be able to become the Prince of Death, then Alphaks could move up as acting Prince of Destruction. Also, Demogorgon, another of Orcus' rivals of ancient times will have to back down.

One thing I was thinking about is that each prince could be linked to a special type of demon/fiend, so that say Howling Fiends fall under Orcus, Hissing under Atzanteotl and Whispering Fiends under Nyx. Not that they need to exclusively favor that prince, but maybe a large portion of those demons? I love the idea of artifacts/planes linked to the princely titles.

Originally I set up titles linked to the ranks so that:

Full Hierarch: Imperator
Hierarch: Prince
Eternal: Duke
Empyreal: Count
Celestial: Baron
Temporal: Knight
Initiate: Lord

Now, it could be interesting to bump a few more Eternals up a notch. I wouldnt mind seeing Demogorgon, Loki and maybe Alphaks (Empyreal only) up there, but I would like to keep Aracne, Masauwu and Talitha down, since they fit well as supporters for Nyx. Granted, Demogorgon also works well under Atzanteotl, unless we wanted a serpent/lizard split...

Maybe Loki could be placed on the throne that used to be held by Hel?