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Entropy variant

by Mark S

I'm using a variant on Entropy, inspired by stuff on Pandius: there are four spheres of Entropy to match the four spheres of Life.

The Sphere of Ruin (chaotic, opposes Matter) embodies the malefic forces that destroy. It is untamed, unremitting, relentless destruction, and is sometimes called the Sphere of Hatred. The Sphere of Corruption (neutral, opposes Time) warps whatever it touches. It is the source of all oozes and aberrations, and is also called the Sphere of Filth. The Sphere of Malice (any alignment, opposes Thought), or Sphere of Screams, is the force of warped minds, home to the liar, the pervert, the lunatic, and the tempter. The Sphere of Hunger (lawful, opposes Energy) is sheer nothingness, the lack of life and energy embodied by death, loss, and despair. It is called the Sphere of Tears. Negative energy can be drawn from any of the four entropic spheres, just as positive energy stems from the four vital spheres. Each of the Entropic spheres has the same elemental correspondences as its Vital counterpart. The hierarchs are Atzanteotl for Ruin, Hel for Corruption, Loki/Bozgodan for Malice, and Nyx for Hunger.

I've got a variant Immortal structure which matches this scheme as well; but I'm heretical in that I treat the Immortals more like gods (although it is possible to join their ranks). So I've assigned 3-4 Immortals to each of my 8 spheres in the basic setup (there may be others, but they are of lesser rank); giving me a basic pantheon of 28. I've amalgamated some of the Immortals together (hey, I said I was heretical!)