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The Eye of Ka by Jacob Skytte


The Eye is a smooth stone orb that is fused to a steel circlet, designed to be worn on the head. The circlet itself is magical, and will automatically fit upon the brow of any humanoid-sized creature. It is the stone orb that is the source of the Eye's magical powers, and it will function just as well if somehow removed from the circlet. The stone orb appears to be completely indestructible. When its powers are activated, the orb will flash a bright white light.


The legends concerning the Eye of Ka are accessible to anyone doing proper research. It is said that the Eye is in fact the petrified eyeball of Ka the Preserver, all that is left of his adopted body after an encounter with the Medusa hag Yezleth. Ka is said to have kept the Eye as a reminder of that encounter and of the frailty of the mortal body. He then imbued it with powers that it was particularly receptive to, and gave it to his followers. Its powers of petrification are well known, though none of the other powers are.

Through time it has been used by many heroes and villains, including: The famous Alphatian mage Jaggermaz, known for his collection of petrified enemies. He was eventually found petrified himself among his collection of statues, the Eye sitting upon his brow.

Uzurkiel the Blind, famed Alphatian rogue, who used the Eye in his criminal activities, but was delivered, petrified, to the authorities by a mage he attempted to rob.

Raman of the Stone, a Thothian mystic, who secluded himself for years, meditating upon life. A statue of him can still be found in Edairo.

The renowned gladiator Claudius of the Open Eye, whose hairstyle became a fashion rage for years. Alas, he was slain, when his magic backfired, and he was turned to stone himself.


The true history of the Eye of Ka can be learned using the proper spells. The Eye isn't actually Ka's, but Yezleth's. One of Ka's Immortal candidates, Yesugai of the Broken Arrow, battled the Medusa hag for possession of another powerful artifact, one belonging to the Sphere of Entropy. Yesugai used the Medusa's own reflection to turn her to stone, then brought her head along as an additional gift to his Immortal patron.

Ka accepted the gift, then crafted the artifact from one of Yezleth's petrified eyes. He gave the Eye to Yesugai, warning him of its dangers, but Yesugai, proud and sure of himself, went ahead and used it in his quest for Immortality. He was the first victim of the Eye, and, thus, never achieved Immortality.

The Eye was passed along, eventually becoming known as the Eye of Ka, since spells revealed it to be associated with him, and research found that it was somehow related to the demise of the Medusa hag Yezleth. Legends eventually accounted for its history, and followed it from user to user. All who have kept the Eye for themselves have eventually ended up killed or turned to stone. Perhaps the Eye is a lesson in the abuses of power, a warning that nothing comes without a price? Or perhaps petrified beings somehow strengthen the Sphere of Matter?

Game Details:

The Eye of Ka is an artifact, and is described using OD&D artifact rules.
Magnitude: Lesser Artifact
Sphere: Matter
Powers (PP 210):
A3 Flesh to Stone (50)
B2 Truesight (50)
D3 Immunity to Paralysis (30)
D3 Mind Barrier (80)
Activation: The Eye is active when found. Knowledge of the first two powers is gained upon placing the Eye on the head.
Use of Powers: Flesh to Stone is activated by facing the target and "willing" it to turn to stone. Truesight is activated upon mental command. Immunity to Paralysis and Mind Barrier are automatically activated, when the user comes under an effect that their protection extends to.
Handicaps (2):
1. When Flesh to Stone is first used: The user is turned to stone if he clearly sees the Eye reflected in a mirror or other reflective surface (save vs. Turn to Stone at a -4 penalty).
2. When Truesight is first used: The user receives a -8 penalty to save vs. Turn to Stone (in addition to any other penalties, so seeing the Eye's reflection gives a -12 penalty to the save).
Penalties (3; roll 1d6; #1 appears on 1-4, #2 on 5, #3 on 6): 1. Ability Score Penalty: Lose 2 points of Dexterity.
2. Body part change: User's hair grows together to form snake-like appendages.
3. Obsession: The user grows obsessed with collecting statues, and will want to keep any beings turned to stone by the Eye.