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Faiths and Avatars

by Meltheim Shadowstalker

Rafiel (Empyreal of Energy)
Alignment: LN
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Blackmoor)
Clerical (Shaman) Alignment: Any
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Any bludgeoning
Granted Powers: +1 bonus to saves vs rod/staff/wand and spells, Shadow elf followers do not suffer penalties from light
Disadvantages: No power over Undead
Description: Patron of the Shadow Elves, little is known about Rafiel other than they are his chosen people (even though worship of Atzanteotl has picked up).
Symbol: A book with a star in its centre, representing wisdom and celestial learning
Interests: Shadow elves, Study of Radiation, Stealing the Radiance from Rad
Worshiped in: Shadow Elf Territories, Among Aengmor refugees

Atzanteotl (Hierarch of Entropy) Atziann the Great, Menlil
Alignment: LE
Sex: Male
Race: Elf (Schattenalfen)
Clerical Alignment: Any Chaotic
Followers Alignment: Any Neutral or Chaotic
Weapons: Adze, Axe (Stone), Blowgun, Bola, Boomerang, Dagger (bone, stone, metal), Harpoon (bone), Javelin, Knife (bone, stone), Lasso, Machete, Quarterstaff, Rock, Sling, War Club
Granted Powers: Command Undead, Cause Light Wounds three times per day
Disadvantages: None
Description: He was an elf from the Glantri area whose clan was devastated by the second explosion that helped form the shadow elves. He wandered in the Hollow World where he became patron to the Azcans, Shattenalfen, and shadow elves.
Symbol: A feathered serpents silhouette
Interests: Corruption
Worshiped in the: Azca, Schattenalf caverns, Shadow Elf Territories, Nimmur (RS), Oenkmar

Ilsundal (Hierarch of Energy) The Wise One, Tiuz, The Guide
Alignment: LG
Sex: Male
Race: Elf (Evergrun/Sylvan Realm)
Clerical Alignment: Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Any sword and dagger, Elven bow
Granted Powers: Turn Undead, Awareness as per a mystic
Disadvantages: None
Description: The Patron of the elves, Ilsundal's name is recognised among the various elven peoples, while other elven Immortals have only small followings
Symbol: An oaken Tree of Life
Interests: All elves
Worshiped in the: Anywhere non-evil elves are found, Eusdria (RS), Aeryl (RS)

Calitha Starbrow (Celestial of Time) Tallivai, Felidae, Mother Ocean, Barramundje Mother
Alignment: TN
Sex: Female
Race: Elf (Evergrun)
Clerical Alignment: Any Neutral
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Harpoon, Sa (Sai), Spear, Trident, Net
Granted Powers: Confer Water Breathing once per day, Identify aquatic plants and animals and fresh water without fail Disadvantages: No power over Undead
Description: Sponsor of the elendaen (Water Path) and all water elves, Calitha was and Evergrun elf fascinated by the sea. She is mostly revered by Sea-Elves or Aquarendi
Symbol: A giant pearl lying in the mother-of-pearl
Interests: Oceans, Aquarendi, Water Elves
Worshiped in the: Minrothad, Kingdom of the Undersea, Ierendi (Aquarendi elves), Bellayne (RS), among tortles and wallara (RS)

Mealiden Starwatcher (Empyreal of Energy) The Red Arrow, Milan, The Guardian
Alignment: CG
Sex: Male
Race: Elf (Sylvan Realm, Alfheim)
Clerical Alignment: Lawful
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Swords and Bows
Granted Powers: Turn Undead, May specialise in Bows and have bonus Blind-shooting Proficiency (see the Proficiencies Chapter q.v.)
Disadvantages: None
Description: Another hero of the elves, he is revered mostly among the Alfheim refugees as their saviour when the Sylvan Realm fell. He is Ilsundal's glorified Bodyguard.
Symbol: A rainbow with a star above and below it
Interests: Protection of Ilsundal, Swashbucklers
Worshiped in: Karameikos and Wendar, Aeryl and the Savage Baronies (RS)

Ordana (Hierarch of Time) Forest Mother, Thendara, Breig, Tawnia, U
Alignment: NG
Sex: Female
Race: Treant
Clerical Alignment: True Neutral
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Druid Weapons
Granted Powers: Move Silently and Hide in Shadows as a thief when in the forests, Druidic abilities
Disadvantages: Druidic disadvantages
Description: Reputed creator of the elven race, she is a protector of all thing that love the forest, including phanaton, Rakasta, elves, and Druids (though not an Immortal whose followers are druids, she is revered by them) Symbol: Oak Leaf
Interests: Protection Forests, Forest Races
Worshiped in: Demihuman regions, Regions of Druidic influence (Ochalea, Robrenn (RS)), Bellayne, Jibarú

Zirchev (Celestial of Energy) The Huntsman, Leug, Uatuma
Alignment: TN
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Traldar)
Clerical Alignment: Neutral
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Any bludgeoning, Long Bow
Granted Powers: Turn Undead, Bonus Proficiency of Tracking and bonus Trait/Proficiency of Alertness
Disadvantages: None
Description: The third Immortal revered in Karameikos, he is a favourite among Rangers and forest races. He is the patron of Intelligent social misfits.
Symbol: A hawk riding on the soldiers of a wolf
Interests: Forest Folk
Worshiped in: Karameikos, Robrenn (RS), Jibarú (RS)

Garl Glittergold (Temporal of Matter)
Alignment: CG
Sex: Male
Race: Dwarf (Rockhome)
Clerical Alignment: Lawful Good
Followers Alignment: Any non-evil
Weapons: Any
Granted Powers: Turn Undead, Hide in the Shadows and Move Silently as a thief
Disadvantages: Turn Undead at -2 levels, Must Take axe as first weapon
Description: A trickster and prankster, Garl is the creator of the gnomish race and the head of their pantheon.
Symbol: A gold nugget
Interests: Gnomes, Pranks, Gold
Worshiped in the: Anywhere gnomes can be found

Karaash (Initiate of Thought) Ilneval
Alignment: NE
Sex: Male
Race: Orc
Clerical Alignment: Chaotic or Neutral
Followers Alignment: Any
Weapons: Two-handed sword, Crossbow (Heavy, Light, Hand), Any axe, Spear, Club, Any Hammer
Granted Powers: Control Undead, May specialise in the Crossbows
Disadvantages: None
Description: Karaash is a stern, uncompromising war leader, not given to rage or show of any emotions. He demands strategy out of his followers.
Symbol: A huge, two-handed great sword; the lower half of the blade is normal, but the upper half of the blade has an even row of many wicked looking flanges on both edges.
Interests: Orcs and Humanoids
Worshiped in the: Broken Lands, Krugel Hordes, Yazi Gnolls (RS), Orcs of the Dark Jungle (RS)

Wogar the Wolf Lord: (Initiate of Matter); AL NE. The best wolf rider and trainer goblin-kind has ever known, who led his hordes pillaging and conquering across the Known World thousands of years ago. Bold and cunning, he seeks to inspire latter-day goblins to follow his example.

The Shining One (Kurtulmak): (Temporal of Energy); AL CN. The ultimate kobold, he taught his people never to confront their enemies with direct force but always to use tricks, traps, and the enemies own strength against them.

Yagrai: (Temporal of Entropy); AL NE; He Who Always Rises. Possibly the most stubborn Immortal of them all. He has an indomitable will; once set on a path he cannot be turned from it. Widely venerated by humanoids seeking vengeance.

Bartziluth: (Celestial of Energy); AL CN. In life, a Broken Lands bugbear, famous for his huge spiked mace; now a patron of bugbears, warfare, and berserkers.

Bagni Gullymaw: (Celestial of Entropy); AL CN. The only troll ever to achieve Immortality; in his lifetime he devoured more good beings than any other humanoid before him.

Gorrziok the Wave Lord: (Empyreal of Matter); AL LG. In mortal life a Sea Giant, Gorrziok is now a patron of giants (particularly sea giants and other intelligent giants) everywhere. A magical innovator?