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Faiths and Immortals

by Håvard

Some more thoughts on Faiths and differences between them.

As I stated earlier, I interpret most canon sources to be written from the point of view of the Thyatian Faith. This includes:

The Term Immortal
As I mentioned before, the Term Immortal is used mainly by followers of the Churches associated with the Thyatian Faith including the more distantly related Way of the Eternal Truth. Other Faiths tend to have other names for their deities such as Great Spirits or Mysteries.

Ascending to Immortality
Canon contradicts itself on this issue, but IMC, legends about mortals rising to the rank of Immortality is common in the Thyatian Faith. All the same, this is hardly something most people would consider an possible future for themselves. Still, since it is in fact true that most Immortals are former mortals, it is likely that most Faiths have such myths, even though their names for the Immortals do not have this implication.

Names of Immortals
Where nothing else is noted, the names used for the Immortals (in the WotI Codex and elsewhere), the Thyatian name is used. Exceptions are those who are strongly associated with another Faith and/or have no presence within the Thyatian Pantheon. Immortals who are mentioned, yet are not officially linked to any Faith/church then, are likely to be part of the Thyatian Faith. I've used this to justify that Ixion, Khoronus, The Twelve Watchers, Tyche, the Olympians and Tyche all are part of the Thyatian pantheon, even though canon does not specifically state that. DotE gives a list of some Immortals who are worshipped in Thyatis, but several of these are _not_ part of the Thyatian Pantheon, and I think it is reasonable that the list is longer than those who are provided.

The concept of Spheres is also known to Thyatian Clerics, and they have theories on which immortals belong to which sphere, and how the Spheres tie the Multiverse together. Other Faiths usually do not have these concepts, but may have similar models, perhaps linked to the elements for instance. Wizards and Sages are also familiar with the Spheres; religion and science walk hand in hand in this Age....

Alternate Identities
Thyatians like to nativise Immortals from other Faiths. It is central to their religion that deities worshipped by others most likely simply are their own immortals using other names. This has also allowed them to incorporate non-native immortals, often giving them new Thyatian-style names in the process. This gives the Thyatians a sense of superiority, claiming that they know the Truth, while others simply understand a fragment of the Truth held by the Thyatians.

The Emperor
The Emperor is officially the Head of the Church of Thyatis, though it is not a power the Temples will allow him to exercise. Still, it has found its way into the Mythology. OTOH, this fact is denied by the other Churches associated with the Thyatian Faith, and is in fact the main source of the schism between the Church of Thyatis and its fellow Churches such as the Church of Karameikos and the Church of Darokin.