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Fiends of Mystara

by Michael Diehm

Here is some info' on fiends. There's not much because fiends have traditionally been down-played in Mystara. Maybe you guys have developed this a bit more and we could firm up a Fiends of Mystara file.

Greater Fiends


Female; 30th Lvl Eternal

Technically the leader of all fiends and even Orcus. As well as lesser fiends, Demogorgon may summon and command reptilian followers: snakes, lizards, small chaotic dragons, purple worms, dragon turtles and wyverns (including gargantuan snakes and lizards).

Largely concentrates on the outer planes, however has been linked to Mystara by some sages as part of a frog/toad cult. Sages vigorously debate whether three cults discovered on Mystara revered Demogorgon, the Outer Beings or something else.

The first cult dates back to the Blackmoor era and concerns the Temple of the Frog.

The second cult also involved a group of evil Traladaran monks revering a frog-like immortal in a monastery on the west bank of the Castellan (formerly Shrill) River. Humanoids overran the monks circa 960AC.

Another cult was recently discovered in the Black Spires of Darokin in the Blizzard Pass. A group of goblins was found to be praying to an ice toad immortal and keeping various toads as pets.


Male, 25th lvl eternal

Apparently equal in power to Demogorgon and a bitter rival.

Native of Mystara, in life was a Traladaran Devil Swine in the seventh century AC. Has rapidly risen in the immortal ranks. Orcus is heavily involved in the Prime Plane. On Mystara, he controls undead and is revered by devil swine and many orcish tribes. Commands all mortals, undead and a small number of lesser entropic immortals. Orcus may summon lesser fiends and undead followers (including gargantuan lesser undead).


Male, 20th lvl empyreal

Alphaks was unconcerned with Mystara until he discovered circa 800AC that the Alphatians had settled there. Now, he seeks the destruction of Alphatia via all-out war with their major political rival, Thyatis. To this end he has set up a volcanic base for his followers off the northwest coast of Alphatia.

Alphaks is the creator of the Beholder race and is revered by these creatures. Beholders were introduced to Mystara shortly after 500AC when the Overlord invaded Mystara with his mind-controlled alien legions.


Male; 13th lvl Celestial

Bagni Gullymaw (possibly a fiend, but not noted as one)

Male; 13th lvl Celestial

Saasskas the Destroyer (possibly a fiend, but not noted as one)

Female; 13th lvl Celestial

Jammudaru (possibly a fiend, but not noted as one)

Male; 1st lvl Initiate

Lesser Fiends

Bratnee of Bielagul, Black Mts foothills

Razrog a Roaring Demon of Ithel Isle.

Hircismus of the Hardanger Kobolds.