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Fiends of Mystara

by Marco Dalmonte

Well, first of all let me state that a demon is generally different from a full fledged immortal of the Sphere of Entropy. Both are immortals, but the demons usually have a fixed state and appearance and can only cast specific spells using certain amounts of power (I don't use the rules of WotI but the old rules of gold box slightly modified).
Normal demons are of 7 different types: shrieking, croaking, howling, groaning, hissing, roaring and whispering demons respectively.
Then there are the Entropic lords, like Alphaks (who's an immortal who simply chose to look like a roaring demon), Atzanteotl, Leptar, Hel and even Orcus and Demogorgon are immortals, not just exalted fiends.

The list of the commonly known immortals of Entropy of Mystara is the following (drawn straight from my Guide to Mystaran Immortals):

Rank Name Level Align. Portfolio
Hierarch Hel 36 C Chaos, reincarnation, death, lifeforce manipulation
  Thanatos 35 C Death, decay, destruction, end of all lifeforms
  Nyx 33 N Night & darkness, undead, necromancy
  Atzanteotl 31 C Corruption, deceit, betrayal, Azcans, humanoids
Eternal Loki 30 C Hule, deceit, lies, cleverness, theft, betrayal
  Masauwu 28 C Intrigue, manipulation, corruption
  Demogorgon 26 C Demons, undead, destruction
  Orcus 25 C Suffering, mass destruction, undead
  Talitha 25 C Egocentrism, envy, theft, murder, primal instincts
Empyreal Set 21 C Hate, vendetta, cruelty, poison, snakelike beings
  Alphaks 20 C Destroy Alphatians, hate, command over the weak
  Corona 19 C Disease, corruption, the Dark Side
Celestial Ranivorus 18 C Gnolls, raids, folly
  Arik 17 C Beholders, massacres, folly, nightmares
  Skuld 15 C Fury, cruelty, suicide
  Jammudaru 14 C Ogres, hate, revenge, brutality, pain
  Leptar 13 C Torture, sufferance, oppression, despotism
Temporal Yagrai 12 C Hobgoblins, orcs, strong will
  Idris 11 C Vengeance, destroy elves, create perfect draconic race
  Brissard 10 C Slavery, deceit, oppression
  Bagni Gullymaw 9 C Trolls, cannibalism, violence
  Danel 7 C Tiger Clan, betrayal, pain, survival of the fittest
Initiate Arachne Prime 6 C Slavery, planar spiders, aranea
  Travestis 2 C Evil woodland beings, poison, deforestation
  Saasskas 1 C Devilfishes, conquest, sea undead

PS: I associated Hircismus (an immortal featured in one of the Immortal modules, IM3 I believe) to Leptar since the two seem to have similar goals and personality.

And that's all I can tell about this, hope it's enough ;)