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Plane of Fire

by Håvard

I've been working on a map of the Plane of Fire in the Mystara cosmology. What do you think of using the Known World/Prime Plane to illustrate "coastlines" for the elemental planes as well? I could see this been controversial. My main idea was to pin point some of the connection points between Mystara and the Plane of Fire. I also wanted to illustrate some of the official Fire Elemental Realms and locations like the City of Brass. I took things a bit further and added some references to other races as well as some planar connections that are not really official, but simply my own speculation.

Amber Dragons: In my campaign I am making a Amber Dragons and Brown Dragons two separate types of Dragon. Amber Dragons often make their homes on the Plane of Fire.
Southern Fire Elemental Empire: This is one of a number of realms controlled by Fire Elemental Rulers. This realm is mainly populated by Fire Elementals.
Salamander Kingdoms: Does Mystara's cosmology have Fire Salamanders? In BECMI only Frost Salamanders ( a uniquely Mystaran species) exist. It would seem likely that a Fire equivalent would also be found on the Plane of Fire though.
Fundamental Realm: These creatures are only a set of bodiless wings. Should they even have their own lands? Perhaps it is more of a wilderness than an actual realm.
Pyrophor Coastlands: These entities are extremely chaotic and destructive. It seems likely that their kingdom is as well. BTW, typo will be fixed on next update.
Plains of Mist: Several gates to the Plane of Water exist in this region.
Phoenix Plains: These fiery steppes are home to several of the most powerful of firebirds.
Elemental Drakes: Again, i wasn't sure. Should Elemental Drakes have their own realm, or do they infiltrate the realms of Fire Elementals the way other drakes live among humans, demihumans etc?
Efreeti Emirates: Several powerful Amirs rule this realm. Their capital is the City of Brass.
Helion Philosopher States: Helions are described to be peaceful philosphers. So I imagine their lands similar to the old greek city states.
Fire Crab Islands: Fire Crabs are a new creature. They are identical to Frost Crabs, but aligned with the element of Fire. These creatures make their home on these islands.

Arch of Fire: We know this location from Norwold. But what does it look like on the other side? This would be one of the major access points from the Plane of Fire to Mystara. I could imagine several factions battling for command of this area.
Fey Courts Colony: It would seem likely that the Fey have a presence on most planes. I'd place their colony relative to the Isle of Dawn. I've been toying with the idea of unique Fire Sprites who are adapted to live on this plane.
Three Volcanoes Area: Another area with links between Mystara and the Plane of Fire.
Ordo Elementarum Outpost: A lost outpost of mages who descend from the Blackmoor era.
Rathanos Follower Colony: These followers of Rathanos have found a way to survive on the Plane of Fire for centuries.
Gnome Exploration Station: Gnomes from Highforge have built a structure that has allowed them to exist and explore this plane safely from within a metallic orb-like structure.
City of Brass: Home of the Efreeti, this city was important since the time of Al-Kalim. Speaking of which, how important was Al-Kalim on this plane? (See Gaz2)
Honor Island Mage Fortress: See Gaz4 for details.
Sollux Stronghold: The Sun Brothers (Brethren?) have been waging a war against the Efreeti since before the Age of Blackmoor. They hail from Mystara, but they have several strongholds on the Plane of Fire. See also this discussion of the origin of the Sollux.

Some inspiration for this concept comes from this discussion in the Piazza Planescape forum. Denizens for the Plane of Fire are pulled from this thread, though I also added some realms for creatures like Fire and Amber Dragons who are not really native the the Plane of Fire, but may easily be found there.

Input about the map is welcome, but also feel free to comment on how you see the Plane of Fire and what realms you could imagine being found there.