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Flails and Morningstars

by Geoff Gander

Morning Star Skill Level Damage Defence Special Effects
[P=H] BS 1d6+1 NA NA
1 handed + * SK 1d8 -1 AC/1 Disarm + stun
Cost: 5 gp EX 1d8+4 -1 AC/2 Disarm (save -1) + stun
Enc: 30 cn MS P=2d6+4

-1 AC/3 Disarm (save -2) + stun
  GM P=2d8+4

-1 AC/4 Disarm (save -3) + stun

Clerics can use this weapon.

Flail, 1-handed Skill Level Damage Defence Special Effects
[P=H] BS 1d6 NA NA
1 handed + * SK 1d6+2 -1 AC/1 Deflect (1)
Cost: 5 gp EX 1d8+2 -1 AC/2 Deflect (2)
Enc: 40 cn MS P=1d8+4

-2 AC/2 Deflect (3)
  GM P=2d6+5

-2 AC/3 Deflect (4)

Clerics can use this weapon.

Flail, 2-handed Skill Level Damage Defence Special Effects
[P=H] BS 1d8+1 NA NA
2 handed +| SK 1d8+4 -1 AC/1 Stun + deflect (1)
Cost: 13 gp EX 2d6+4 -1 AC/2 Stun + deflect (2)
Enc: 65 cn MS P=3d4+5

-2 AC/2 Stun + deflect (3)
  GM P=2d8+7

-3 AC/2 Stun + deflect (4)

Clerics can use this weapon

P=Primary opponent of this weapon.
S=Secondary opponent of this weapon.
H=Opponents wielding hand-held or thrown weapons.
M=Opponents wielding projectile weapons or natural weaponry.
A=All opponents (both H and M).
+=Melee weapon, rarely or never thrown.
*=Shield may be used with this weapon.

A morning star is composed of a short handle (roughly 1-1.5' in length), from which a chain measuring up to 2' long extends from one end. At the end of this chain is a spiked steel ball.

A one-handed flail is composed of a handle measuring roughly 1-1.5' in length, from one end of which 4-6 chains extend. Each of these chains measures up to 2' in length, and ends with a small steel, from which protrude a number of spikes. Generally, the balls at the end of a flail have fewer spikes than that of a morning star.

A two-handed flail is identical to its one-handed counterpart except in size. The handle measures 1.5-2' in length, and the chains are up to 3' long. The spiked balls on the two-handed flail tend to be slightly larger, as well.