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Freyja's Valkyries

by Håvard

In an agreement with Odin, Freyja recieves half of the souls of departed warriors who become Einherjar on the Norse Planes. Freyja has her own Valkyries (Exalted level, Titan-like beings in BECMI terms). As with Odin's Valkyries, these spirits help select the warriors worthy to serve the Immortals. This is part of the reason why many Mystarans from the Northern Reaches refuse to be ressurrected (See Gaz7 for details). Freyja's Einherjar are recognized by their Lynx-fur hoods and her Valkyries are also draped in Lynx-cloaks as cats and lynxes are symbols of Freyja.

These Valkyries reside at the fields of Folkvangr, at Freyja's fortress Sessrúmnir.

Thoughts: Officially I think Folkvangr and Sessrumnir are supposed to be locations in Asgard. Should we keep them there or could there be some way to use these concepts to expand on Vanaheim?