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[5E] Reimagining some Gaz8 Concepts

by Håvard

The Halfling Master

These are powerful Halflings who have been trained in the traditions of the long lost elven clan known as the Gentle Folk. In 5E terms, I think they will best be treated as Druids. At 9th level they will recieve the title "Master" and may add the name of their Shire to their own name. I will not restrict Halfling Masters being allowed to leave the Five Shires.

Sheriffs and Krondar

Highly respected Halflings may become Sheriffs and Sheriffs may appoint deputies called Krondar.
I think these may be modelled as Halfling Paladins. In theory, Sheriffs could still appoint non-Paladins as Krondar, but I might make it a requirement for a Sheriff to be a 9th level Halfling Paladin or higher.

Halfling Keepers and Clanmasters

No particular rules are needed for Halfling Keepers or Clanmasters. The Blackflame Relic is a magical item (artifact) and will be treated as such. The title of Keeper is hereditary. Clanmasters are political titles available to any class.

Pirate Captains

Is there a Mariner Ranger Subclass out there?


This one is tricky. I think this should also be treated as a magical item or magical effect that is accessible to all halfings while within the borders of the Five Shires. Halfling Masters should get a bonus on attempts at Denial. In this way, it should not affect balance between classes/races etc.

Influence Points

These are worth reviewing.

Storytelling and Music

I would love to do something with these. Probably revise the table and link to Performance Skill.


When enjoying a short rest with storytelling, music and pipesmoke, Halfling characters will be allowed to reroll 1's on HD rolls to recover HP.