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The Monsters of Hugh Lofting's Dr Dolittle: Great Glass Sea Snail

by Håvard


Armor Class 8
Hit Dice 20*
Move 60' (20')
Attacks 1 bite
Damage 1d12
No. Appearing 1 (1)
Save As F20
Morale 12
Treasure Type Nil
Intelligence 10
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 5.975

Monster Type: Monster (Rare)

Great Glass Sea Snail is an enormous undersea mollusk with a large pinkish white body. It carries on its back a huge transparent airtight shell. The Snail is about the size of a horse and the shell is made of mother of pearl, but is transparent. The shell can be used as a shelter for creatures who have befriended the Great Glass Sea Snail and may use it to travel underwater even. When the Snail is out of its house, the house is large enough to hold a carriage and a pair of horses. The Snail can speak with a booming voice. It speaks Common as well as Undersea Common.

When the Great Glass sea Snail is in its shell, its AC is improved to -2.

Terrain: Ocean

Source: List of Doctor Dolittle characters