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Two new Minor Trading Houses of Darokin

by Rutger Dag

∑ Bronsdale is the home of Gemilkin House. Itís not one of the 9, being a minor trading house. It is mostly made up of rakasta and specializes in fishing and weaponry. They are an especially good house to deal with for supplying rakasta adventurers with their needs (horses that donít spook easily, war claws, and occasionally sabre tooth tigers as well as the requisite skills involved).

∑ Gowlerig is a minor trading house centered out of Dolos. The friendliness of the town suits lupin well, as they are the majority of Gowlerig traders. They specialize in the fur trade, tanning, weapon making, and various meats and grains. They are some of the best service providers also, being happy to help in whatever task is at hand. Gemilkin and Gowlerig do not get along well, though this opposition rarely takes the form of physical violence.