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Old Immortals, New Gods

by Tim Haney

I wanted to get some feedback. I've been playing around with the Immortals attempting to see how they would be as gods in AD&D. I've added new ones, lost a few, and renamed some. I've been trying to get a good mix of good and evil. You'll also notice that there are no Immortals devoted to demi-humans. With dwarves, their clerical magic comes directly from the elements. Elves draw both their magic and cleric spells from forest spirits that once sheltered them.

**Greater Powers**

Iliric (CN)

Ixion (CG)
Fire, Sun, Truth

Noumena (LN)
Fate, Mysteries

Odin (CG)

Thanatos (LE)

**Intermediate Powers**

Asterius (CG)
Moon, Trade

Diancecht (LG)
Medicine, Healing

Forseti (LG) (also known as Forsetta)

Frey (NG)
Rain, Fertility

Freyja (CN)
Love, Human Fertility

Hel (NE)
Death, Disease

Loki (CE)
Lies, Mischief, Strife

Ordana (N)

Raiden (NE)
Lightning, Fletcher

Talitha (NE)
Self-gratification, Theft

Thor (CG)
Honour, Storms, Thunder, Weather

Valarias (CG)
Emotion, Romance, Passion

Vanya (CN)
Pride, War

**Lesser Powers**

Anshar (CE) (also known as a neutral power, Nyx)
Darkness, Night

Kagyar (NG) (dwarves look kindly toward but don't serve)
Arts, Creation, Forging, Metalworks

Protius (CN)

Thoth (N)

Untamo (N)

Yav (NG)


Al-Kalim (N)
Courage, Scholarship, Tolerance

Halav (LN) (likely an aspect of Thor)
Strategy, Weapon crafting

Petra (LG)
Guardians, Protection

Zirchev (NG)
Bravery, Forests, Hunting