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Eternal Granite

by James Ruhland

Great mighty Alphatia sank, upon a fateful day,
The Dwarves of Rockhome dropped their axe, and hid themselves away,
Sylvan Alfheim, an early loss, lies no more upon the land,
Yes, strange things happened everywhere, but the Thyatian walls still stand.

Once Blackmoor ruled an ancient coast, but where is Blackmoor now?
The Milenian Phalanx no more wears the winning olive bough,
And where are Ethengar's teeming hosts, that swarmed throughout the land?
Their day is done, by sand and sun, but the Thyatian walls still stand.

Who endured Alphatian thrusts, until its hordes turned back?
Who stood the Ylaris upon their heels and broke up each attack?
Who held The Reaper at the line, with willing heart and hand?
The answer rings from Shore to Shore: the Thyatian walls still stand!

(With acknowledgments to Grandland Rice's poem, Old Gibraltar).