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The Ring of the Green Flame

by Jonathan Nolan

Power Points: 62
Purpose: to assist in the defence of the realms of Mystara and its local sector of time and space
Requirements: to wield this artefact a mortal needs to have tremendous Willpower
Powers: the Ring can create nearly any physical object, usually attached to the ring by a green energy tentacle. The object formed can be up to the size of a Bigby's Hand spell (20-25 feet) or considerably larger if the user can make a check on half the average of their intelligence and wisdom scores. The Ring can also be commanded to create a magical field around the user that functions like a combination of stone skin, necklace of adaptation and a paladin's holy aura.
History: the origin of the ring is shrouded in time but it is at least as old as Blackmoor and is believed to have been fashioned from an unique meteorite in the ages before Blackmoor arose.
Sphere of Origin: Matter, tolerant of Energy, hostile to Entropy, neutral towards Time and Thought - the item has no intellect but has a strong alignment of Lawful (+Good in AD&D).
Immortals responsible for creation: it is not known who or what made the meteorite or whether it was part of some Immortal residence annihilated by the great Old Ones or what the true origin of the "green crystal" was. Enemy immortals who have been defeated by the ring wielder include Orcus, Coyote, Alphaks and Larmysstul.

(for those not in the know: this is a version of Green Lantern's ring!)