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Hidden Valley Routes

Ideas on how to reconcile B10 route toward the hidden valley with the current map of karameikos? In B10 the foamfire flanks threshold, while in the current map it goes to verge, 16 miles west of B10 placement

by Daniel Reid

I run the adventure as DM before you entered the actual party :P ... here is a picture with my adaptation of it on the Gaz.

by Mario Ciuffini

I've adapted this from Thorfinn Tait's 8 mil hex maps. As you see the FoamFire river does "sort of" flank Threshold. I made this map before reading B10. Today I spent considerable time reading the module. I think it is safe to say that I would personally just extend the river north into the Mountains and explain that where the river stops on the current map is the "current" known river and beyond is no longer "charted". The village of Verge is hardly mentioned in the GAZ1 supplement. A small detour past this village should work. The description of Threshold in B10 is at odds with its description in GAZ1 so you'll have to pick one :)