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Thieves Hideout

by John Hare

Following in the thief venue I've done up a rough cost for a hideout w/ cover building.

A tailor/weaver/spinning operation is being built on the site of an older burnt out building. However the silent partners of the enterprise is the thieves guild and they will be taking half of the 2nd story and all of the basement and leave the rest for the operation of the tailor shop, which spins its own wool & cloth. With the wool and cloth shipments coming in it is fairly easy to smuggle in extra goods which is put in special bins for the guild to get at. And because of the tailor aspect of the shop it isn't surprising when people come in to get fitted and perhaps exchange goods and drop off collections. The manager of the tailor shop knows about the arrangement and most of his staff have figured out that something strange is going on, but the wages they earn ensure that they don't want to ruin this job.

The building itself is 60' x 60' and is 2 stories high with a 40' x 40' basement. With wooden walls with finished with common plaster and paint this grey building has only 3 entrances on the ground floor. One secret door facing into an alley, the store entrance and the servants entrance at the back where bulk orders of wool are dropped off and cloth is picked up. A large 10' x 10' window faces onto the street to display the wares of the store. Large wooden shutters can close it off for bad weather or closing time. The peaked roof of ceramic tiles is punctured with several chimney stacks, and a small observation post is located just under the peak. Just inside the tailor shop is a large counter which holds bits of fabric such as lace, frills, etc. along with buttons of various shapes and sizes. 3 curtained alcoves allow discreet tailoring for length and width. The tailor himself has a small office/home on the ground floor and has an arrangement with the nearby restaurant to feed his employees their meals. Upstairs in the shop half are rooms for the workers for the spinning and weaving. On the other half is the headquarters for the guild lieutenant who runs this area of town. While he doesn't live here, he could should the need occur. There are several lesser members of the guild permanently stationed here as runners or quick retaliation force as well as protection for the business. In the basement however is the training facilities for several members. The treasury is also located down here behind several secret doors. There are also traps to catch intruders. An armourer and equipment room is also here for members to purchase that little extra that they might need for a job.

The total cost comes to around 69,529 cp with a crew of 50 workers in an urban area with good administration skills. It would take 23 work days or about 4 weeks.