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Hin Immortals

by Marco Dalmonte

The High Heroes

Here you have the basic info on the hin High Heroes.

Domains marked with an asterisk (*) are new and created specifically for Mystaran Immortals.

Temporal (9) of Time, LG
Portfolio: halflings (hins), safety, family, wealth, prosperity, national pride, law
Domains: Time*, Law, Good, Family*
Preferred weapon: rapier

Coberham Shadowglint
Temporal (10) of Energy, N
Portfolio: magic, blackflame, mysteries, knowledge, hins
Domains: Energy*, Magic, Knowledge, Fire
Preferred weapon: siangham

Nob Nar
Initiate (5) of Thought, NG
Portfolio: halflings, wanderers and adventurers, bravery, epic deeds, fun
Domains: Thought*, Good, Travel, Courage*
Preferred weapon: short sword

Other hin immortals

These are the other 2 halfling immortals ever mentioned in Mystara canon sources. I think they may be honoured as Hin Heroes as well...

[aka Falcho Fallowguard from IM3]
Temporal (7) of Thought, CN
Portfolio: luck, fun, tricks, games, cunning, guile
Domains: Thought*, Chaos, Luck, Deceit
Preferred weapon: sling

[WotI and B4]
Empyreal (19) of Energy, CN
Portfolio: Cynidicea, magic, healing, messengers, thieves, cleverness
Domains: Energy*, Chaos, Healing, Magic, Thieves*
Preferred weapon: dagger