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Hollow World maps

by Håvard

I still like the idea of the old medieval style Blackmoor being preserved in the Hollow World though. Here is a map I made of the Hollow World marking the location of the canon civilisations of that world as well as Blackmoor and its neighbours, the Wilderlands, the Empire of Bahlor and the Selhomarr Empire.

Notes: Selhomarr is created by Geoff Gander. Bahlor is created by James Mishler. The location of Blackmoor, Skandahar, the Afridhi and the Wilderlands in the Hollow World is not official. All other cultures are taken from official HW material. Oostdok and Ashmorain are the only official HW cultures that have not been included as they exist on the floating continents. The Merry Pirate Isles have been renamed the Pirate Isles as IMC at least, the name Merry Pirates is only something they use about themselves.

The Valley of the Eternal Sun

This is the Valley featured in the Mystara Arcade Game named Warriors of the Eternal Sun. The valley is probably located somewhere between the lands of the Schattenalfen, the Malpheggi and the Oltecs since all of these cultures have a presence in the area. There are a few references to this game in Thunder Rift, and I have been working to strengthen this connection in the Thunder Rift Thread.

PS: There are a couple of flaws on this map. I will post an updated version as soon as I get it fixed. The main thing to be changed is that Barriktown should be renamed Barrik Castle. Also, a few cosmetic changes are in order.