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Example 1: Hovel, 30x20

by Bruce Heard

1. Clearing & Levelling: 0cp (clear, flat, level terrain)
2. Foundations: 200cp (unremarkable terrain, no cellar)
3. Walls: 500cp (sticks & mud, plaster inside, whitewash outside)
4. Floor: 0cp (dirt floor, no attic)
5. Roof: 1,200cp (thatch, peaked roof)
6. Door: 36cp (1 outside door, wooden, 3x6)
7. Windows: 80cp (2 openings, 2x2, with shutters)
Subtotal: 2,016cp

Additional Accoutrements:
Plumbing: nil
Furniture: 91cp (humble)
Fireplace & Chimney: 192cp (48 cu. ft, humble)
Total Value: 2,299, or about 23gp

Construction Time: 25 work days for three workers, or about 5 calendar weeks

Comments: that thatch roof seems expensive (although, making a decent thatched rood is very time-consuming, I wonder if it should still account for nearly 1/2 the entire cost of the house). I really should move up the fireplace/chimney entry before furniture and plumbing.